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Hearing Scott Carrier, Neil Young, and Charles Bowden

Hearing Voices piece hosted by Scott Carrier.  With perhaps one of the most captivating voices ever put to tape -- Writer Charles Bowden reads his haunting prose in his haunting voice with haunting Neil Young music in the background.




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In Verse

Troy, New York used to be the richest city in America. But industrial decay has take a toll and the city is now impoverished. Men are scarce and single-mothers the norm.

In Verse: Women of Troy from InVerse on Vimeo.

An MQ2 project receiving funding from the Association of Independents in Radio (AIR) and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB),  "In Verse is a collaboration between poets, photographers and radio producers to create a new model of storytelling in journalism. "

The project will be  featured in  Virginia Quarterly Review and on Studio 360. 

Here is an audio slide show sneak peak.  It's one of three that can be found here.




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Irish Storytelling

Resonance FM's Voice on Record programme features an hour of Irish storytelling. Part two of three.


– Audio Documentary London Bureau 


Playtime: 59 minutes 53 seconds


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The Sound of Noise

Pédilüv is a radio art programme, produced at Campus Radio in Paris. This episode, The Sound of Noise, has more English language content than usual, from a range of sources: The Global Theatre of the Air, Adam Boham, The Poo Lord,  John Cage, and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. It's curious, and curiously engaging.


– Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 30 minutes


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A Poet Born on St Valentine's Day

Born on St Valentines day in 1940s Ireland, Flan O'Connor lived a life that fitted in with the romantic ideas of both the day and the grim era of his birth. A combination of drama, poetry, and the voices of family and artists.

Connor Walsh, AD, London


Playtime: 41 minutes 18 seconds


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"60 second audio-visual haikus"

is how Big Shed's Shea Shackleford describes these short slide shows produced at "Show + Tell: Multimedia Cross Training

Center for Documentary Studies at Duke"

From the site:

"This was the first multimedia institute from Big Shed and the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. 18 media makers—photographers, writers, radio producers, editors, publishers and others—learned new skills in either audio or photography and composed their first original multimedia content." 



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Listen to Raymond Carver

From the site: Listen to a 1983 interview with Raymond Carver (30 minutes) or a1986 interview (35 minutes), both conducted by radio broadcaster Don Swaim, courtesy of Wired For Books.

Listen to Raymond Carver reading seven poems ("In a Marine Light near Sequim, Washington", "The Meadow", "Venice", "The Fishing Pole of the Drowned Man", "Cadillacs and Poetry", "Luck" and "Alcohol", 10 minutes) in London, 1987, courtesy of The Bedside Crow.



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London, heard from above.

Sending a radio producer out with the cops for a night may be a trope, but with good reason. In Night Visions, BBC Radio 4 sent a poet out with London's police helicopter for a night. Police, helicopters, London – the result is a delicious contrast with the TV broadcasts of the London riots last summer. 


Playtime: 29 minutes


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The Gold Tape Competition

Finally! A place to submit those "tiny, standalone golden audio moments."