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BBC Doc on Male Victims of Domestic Violence

Just came across this BBC doc from February that shines a light on a issue that is not often taken seriously.

"Since it's difficult to accept the the idea of male victims, those suffering from domestic abuse can find themselves wrongly accused as the abuser."

Doc features a male victim who was arrested 23 times in one year.



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Dolphin killing in Japan

How Flipper spured an international obsession with dolphins, swimming with dolphins, and places like Seaworld which, in turn, supports a multi-million dollar industry that slaughters dolphins.


Stuck in Folsom Prison

In the wake of a big Chino, California prison riot, NPR goes to Folsom Prison.  Once a model for prisons around the country, Folsom has degenerated into a "pressure cooker" that does nothing but prepare prisoners for more crime.  The prison population has exploded in recent years and there is not enough money.

Now, a federal court has ordered California to cut the prison population by 25%.  They also look to cut $1.2 billion from the corrections budget.



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BBC Doc: Mulsims in the Isreali Army

Muslims are not required to serve the Isreali army as Isreal Jews are... but some do.



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AP Audio Slideshow: Death of a Marine

An Ap audio slideshow of a Marine battle in Afgantistan.  The audio componant makes one think of what a good photographer she is.  But the images are gripping, nontheless.



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Two from BBC: Saving in China -- New Media in Kashmir

#1  "Average savings rates in China stand at around 30% and, as Chris Hogg discovers, most of that money is spent on health care."

#2 Citizen Journalism:  The wide availablity of cell phone video has changed the face of conflict and communication in Kashmir



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In His Sights

A revealing and upsetting interview with a woman who has been stalked by one man for fifteen years. The story, which includes aggression and threat, starts in June 1994, and continues up to today. 


- Audio Documentary London Bureau 


Playtime: 18 minutes 30 seconds

26 July – Revolt in Cuba

An old-school radio feature, with actorly presentation and interviews with Fidel Castro, from 1958. Brought to us by CBC's archive programme, Rewind.

- Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 51 minutes 3 seconds


A Radio Rookies story, painting a strong picture of a teen in New York who hits his family.

- Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 14 minutes 52 seconds

Choosing Castration

An extraordinary series of interview about men who've volunteered for chemical castration. In one possibly upsetting interview, a sex offender discusses how he chose it, and life now. Also, a man who was not a sex offender but physically castrated himself to reduce his testosterone fuelled aggression.  


– Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 52 minutes 12 seconds

Kent State Killings 40th Anniversary

May 4 1970 the National Guard opened fired on anti-war protesters at Kent State in Ohio. The Kent State Radio Station WKSU just launched a May 4 1970 audio archive. 

Two years ago newly enhanced audio recordings from the occurance seemed to show an order to fire.  KBOO, WKSU, and NPR had the story then.

If you are interested in a career with the Army National Guard click this link!


Every man for himself

Chicago writer Bill Hillman puts you in the middle of the every-man-for-himself chaos of Pamplona's running of the bulls. A recent winner in the Edward R. Murrow Awards for electronic journalism.


Playtime: 8 minutes 17 seconds


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Flower War

A World War II veteran, Gerald Flower, recalls candidly and vividly his time as a tail-gunner. The facts and emotions of bombing raids, and of falling behind the German lines.

From RTÉ's The Curious Ear.


Audio Documentary Europe


Playtime: 15 minutes 4 seconds

Freedom From Fear

Aung San Suu Kyi has turned 65, still under house arrest, 20 years after being elected Prime Minister of Burma. This profile of her captures her symbolism, strength and beauty, in both content and form.


Audio Documentary Europe


Playtime: 22 minutes 41 seconds

UK Today

While the furrowed brows of the BBC World Service are on holidays, they've let the creatives loose, with great effect. Two engaging documentaries about UK citizens who have been put somewhere difficult. Philip McTaggart's son committed suicide, changing his life. Mary Thida Lun's mom fled the Khmer Rouge, and now has a daughter serving in war zones as a British civil servant. Big topics, in a manner more full of human contradiction and personality than we usually hear on the BBC World Service.


Audio Documentary Europe





Playtime: 22 minutes 29 seconds

Life as a crime scene cleaner-upper

After detectives pick up clues, who picks up all the, uh...other stuff? It's not a job for the faint of heart.


Playtime: 16 minutes 55 seconds


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Escaping and Getting Caught in Vietnam

From AD for Veteran's Day (U.S.):  In war there are winners and losers -- often on the same side. A good example from two comrades fighting to survive a Viet Nam War battle; helping to mark U.S. Veterans Day (Nov. 11).


Playtime: 10 minutes 36 seconds


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Audio from Cairo, charting how the authorities have clamped down on the hundreds of thousands of people calling for political change. Linked in the title, a vivid Audioboo from a woman watching molotov cocktails being thrown at Tahrir Square (via Jan25Voices on Twitter); and here, recordings made over a few days by Heba Morayef, a local expert with Human Right's Watch.

Image: Al Jazeera Creative Commons Repository 

Connor Walsh, AD, London.


Date: February, 2011

Angry Birds 3D

James Aldred is on a mission, in the jungles of Brazil, with a catapult. It's him, a tree, and a very big, very strong, very protective eagle. The result is an almost real-time adventure to install a TV camera in the eagle's nest. James and the Giant Eagle is a sound-rich, vivid and engaging BBC Radio 4 programme. 

Photo: Michael Schamis on Flickr.


Playtime: 28 minutes

Awaiting the Royal Wedding

As London prepares for the Royal Wedding on Friday, we look to coverage of another royal event that brought crowds to the streets. In 1992 BBC Radio 4's top-fronted newsarama On The Hour reported on the beheading of Prince Edward, the commemoration, and the news that Prince Harry had split up.  

Note: It's satire. 



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Lucia's Letter

A Guatemalan teenager writes to warn other young unsuspecting women to avoid terrifying experiences she suffered when smuggled into the U.S. by “coyotes.” A Peabody award winning documentary.



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On a roof in Tripoli

LPC #Tripoli: woman who climbed to the roof to help spot snipers. Very moving ending. (mp3)

As fighting continues in Libya, a woman goes onto the roof of her building in Tripoli. She spots snipers. She talks about fear, and what's happening around her. Gripping.


Playtime: 8 minutes 48 seconds
Date: August, 2011


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Last Lennon Interview

December 5, 1980, John Lennon did a radio interview for RKO. It aired three days later, hours before he he was shot and killed outside the Dakota. Here are excerpts from what is said to be Lennon's last interview.


Two Enemies, One Heart

A startling moment of compassion amidst the horrors of war. But that's just the beginning of this story with a 20-year arc and suprising conclusion.


Playtime: 43 minutes 40 seconds


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Raw Audio Of Aurora Shooting Police/Fire Dispatch