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FROM THE VAULT: No-Hitter of Acid

Just happened upon this nugget that aired on Weekend America this past Spring. It's a story about a Doc Ellis who pitch a no-hitter on LSD in the 70's. Wouldn't that technically be a one-hitter?

Doc Ellis passed away this past week.


Producer: Neille Ilel and Donnell Alexander
Program: Weekend America
Date: March, 2008


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Now For Something Really Unimportant

A reporter from the Washington Post used his only question to the President of the United States -- at his first ever press conference -- to ask about a sports player named A-Rod.

Maybe if people didn't take steroids use so seriously, the players would realize the public doesn't take the sport so seriously, and then they might not think it was worth it to take steroids just be good at a sport that people don't take very seriously.


Fan of the Washington Generals?

Slideshow tribute to a team that exists soley to be a "deliberately ineffective opposition as a foil for the Globetrotters' comedy routines."  They have beaten the Globetrotters but once - in 1971.



Sports, American Issues

Green Mountain Donkey Ball

Donkey basketball audio slide show from the New York Times.



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Golf: Playing the Blacks

Audio slide show from the new NYTimes photoblog - Lens.  about the course where the U.S. Open is being played.  Narrator has an amazing voice.




Old Jocks

Another really fun, inovative audio feature from NYTimes.




RTE: A Father Fights (Literally) for his daughters health

Documentary on One tells the story of a family that struggles to afford stem cell treatments for their daughter.


WUNC's "The Story"

This is a great show from WUNC.  This episode features a story (about 3/5 of the way through) from a son who witnessed his father, in order to support the family, getting the heck beat out him, in a carnival boxing match, for $25.  Talk about hard times.



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Under Stands

Producer Ronan Kelly leaves the bleachers during a match, to find who else has paid to go in, but isn't watching the big game…

– Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 15 minutes 29 seconds


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The Waterford Hunt

Fox hunting on horseback, with hounds, is alive in cold, wet Ireland. The Irish Times have produced this engaging audio slideshow on the Waterford Hunt. 


- Audio Documentary London Bureau.


Playtime: 2 minutes 59 seconds


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Mighty Mac

An old sofa, and an upholsterer who is a powerlifting world champion. Mighty Mac won a Special Award at the Prix Europa in 2009. An engaging, endearing and vivid documentary, with strong accents.

- Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 42 minutes 15 seconds

Wrestling With The Immigration Issue

The Mexican sports drama of Lucha Libre wrestling becomes the stage where the good guys in masks struggle against symbols of badge-wearing authority. AMERICAS


Playtime: 4 minutes 20 seconds


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World Cup Prep: The Offside Rule

As the World Cup starts, Newstalk in Dublin explains the offside rule, in terms of ladies' shoes.


Audio Documentary Europe


Playtime: 1 minute 3 seconds
Date: June, 2010


Sports, Health and Beauty

In the Middle of Spain's World Cup Euphoria

Count down the final seconds as Spain clinches the World Cup. Madrid goes mad and the nationwide party begins. An A/D exclusive.


Producer: Rich
Playtime: 1 minute 50 seconds
Date: July, 2010


Sports, Sound Rich

Colour Matters


Colour Matters is a series of seven programmes about… colours. It was broadcast in 2005 on RTÉ, in Ireland, and the colours are at times seen through the filters of domestic sports – along with many other European and universal views: artistic, psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual. And with some catchy songs chucked in for good value.


Connor Walsh, for AD, Brussels. 


Listen by colour:

Red White Yellow Green

Blue  Orange  Black



Playtime: 27 minutes

The Game of Kings

The Game of Kings by Soundrich

During the late 19th Century, New York tycoons created the first U.S. polo club in their Newport, Rhode Island summer retreat. Today the sport endures, steeped in tradition -- with one noticeable exception. Produced by Jim Pontarelli and another in a series from the 2011 summer audio retreat at Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies.


Playtime: 5 minutes 25 seconds


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