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The perils of "Massage Therapy"

A story about how massage therapy can be a dangerous business - in ways that you never would imagine.

"My family is saying there's probably mafia on both sides of this case. You need to get a gun."



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Doug = Donna

"At the hospital when they removed his clothes, they found women's underwear and a series of foam pads attached to Doug's hips and thighs"


Producer: Eric Winick w/ Jay Allison



More Lesbian Separatists

A couple weeks ago we linked to the NY Times audio slide show about a lesbian-only community.  This week the New Yorker takes on the the lesbian separatists of the 70's.  I guess covering radical dykes is suddenly en vogue in the New York press??


Producer: Ariel Levy
Program: New Yorker
Playtime: 11 minutes 35 seconds
Date: March, 2009

Marketplace: Gold Digging Goes Mainstream?

For men, more $$ = more dates - at least in online dating.


Columbia Business School behavioral economist who used to run a speed dating service:  "Yes if you want to put it very coarsely - and maybe you shouldn't put this on the air - the gold digger stereotype holds true."

On the other hand "There is no amount of money that will make an undesirable women attractive on these sites."

Ah, romance...



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Saltcast (the audio blog of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies) features a story about a producer doing a story about swingers - yep, those swingers.  To use or not to use "graphic" audio...



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The Perfect Job

Oleg Kalugin was a KGB agent in Washington DC. And he really lived the life.

- Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 11 minutes 30 seconds

Transom: Matthew offers up a stunning monologue. Matthew is engaging, moving, and dynamic. Includes some sexual references.


– Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 18 minutes 45 seconds

Choosing Castration

An extraordinary series of interview about men who've volunteered for chemical castration. In one possibly upsetting interview, a sex offender discusses how he chose it, and life now. Also, a man who was not a sex offender but physically castrated himself to reduce his testosterone fuelled aggression.  


– Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 52 minutes 12 seconds

chick/lit + AD Exclusive Interview

chick/lit examines fan fiction – a particular type called Slash Fiction. It's a genre best known for bringing Harry Potter and his rivals… together. spoke to the producer, Inez Tan, from Singapore. She says chick/lit is unlikely to get broadcast on the radio there, because of the homesexual inferences of Slash Fiction. Listen to the interview by clicking here

Music: Kämmerer A Final Year Project for the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore ©  Inez Tan, 2010


Connor Walsh, for AD, London


Producer: Inez Tan
Playtime: 31 minutes 38 seconds


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Colour Matters


Colour Matters is a series of seven programmes about… colours. It was broadcast in 2005 on RTÉ, in Ireland, and the colours are at times seen through the filters of domestic sports – along with many other European and universal views: artistic, psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual. And with some catchy songs chucked in for good value.


Connor Walsh, for AD, Brussels. 


Listen by colour:

Red White Yellow Green

Blue  Orange  Black



Playtime: 27 minutes

No Brother of Mine

Winner of a 2011 Edward R. Murrow Regional Award, an unflinching look at U.S. sex offender policies.


Playtime: 54 minutes 1 second


Sex, Law, Crime, American Issues

Lucia's Letter

A Guatemalan teenager writes to warn other young unsuspecting women to avoid terrifying experiences she suffered when smuggled into the U.S. by “coyotes.” A Peabody award winning documentary.



Sex, Violence, Immigration

The Dialogue Project

The Dialogue Project does what it says on the tin – dialogues, usually between the producer Karl James and one interviewee, on personal, passionate, or intimate topics. The results are beautiful, and span a range of topics from this French astronaut talking about our world, to two people's very different expereince of being caned, to the death of a child



Sex, Interview, Environment, Death

Me, my boyfriend, his girlfriend and his mum

It's a new world of complex relationships in this cutting edge piece from down under. Winner of Australian Broadcasting's "My Tribe" audio competition. Producer Robbie McEwan was a student at the time, and now produces radio and video documentaries in Australia and New Zealand.


Playtime: 10 minutes 30 seconds


Sex, Interesting

InExhibition [Explicit]


In the category of things you will never hear on NPR, Donnell Alexander submits this brave and personal piece:

Formerly an editorial staffer at publications such as ESPN The Magazineand LA Weekly, Donnell Alexander is based on the West Coast. He has contributed to  McSweeney's and David Eggers called his book, Ghetto Celebrity,  “An indispensable book.” His adult-themed InExhibition debuted late last winter, live, as part of The Porchlight Storytelling series. InExhibition "begins with a cheap thrill in the dark back corner of a burlesque show, then meanders around The Great West Coast."

He lends this piece to





Supremely Gay (SCOTUS AUDIO of Hollingsworth v. Perry)

I love the Supreme Court audio policy. And what would we do without Nina Totenberg?