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Bill Moyers: Hate Radio

Chilling story from Bill Moyers Journal about "right-wing" talk radio.


New Yorker on Savage

New Yorker audio interview with Kelefa Sanneh, who profiled the bombastic, enigmatic talk show host Micheal Savage for the magizine.  This piece is unique for the New Yorker in that it uses multiple clips from Savage's radio show.



About the U.S. Government policy prosecuting terrorist before they strike or...  punishing people before they are guilty er... stopping the gonna-be-guilty while they are still innocent... talking people into doing bad things then arresting them for considering doing them.  Let's call it "entrapment."


But seriously, the subject of this story is hard to feel sorry for.


NYT Audio Something or Other: Rumsfeld Message Machine '06

Another multimedia piece that skews the lines between visual and audio mediums.  New York Times report on the 2006 tracing the Pentegon's reaction to the 2006 "General's Revolt" in which retired generals started calling for Rumsfeld's ouster.

I still see it as audio documentary because of the de-emphasized of the visual and the independent cohesion of the piece's audio (i.e., it makes sense if you just listen and don't watch).


Did Texas Execute an Innocent Man?

There has never been a proven case of an innocent person getting the death penalty.  The case of Cameron Todd Willingham, executed in Texas in 2004, may become the first.


Supreme Court Audio: Health Care

Supreme Court Afordable Care Act arguements day 1  and day 2 the stunning day 3.

The court has dark comedic moment of levity starting at about 30:00 with reference to Jack Benny's comedy bit "Your money or your life." Here is a link to that historic comedy bit.


Date: March, 2012

Supremely Gay (SCOTUS AUDIO of Hollingsworth v. Perry)

I love the Supreme Court audio policy. And what would we do without Nina Totenberg?


via @gothamist: Freelance Spys are Publishing Your Conversations

A clever if cynical critique of public apathy in the face of pervasive U.S government surveillance, We Are Always Listening secretly places recording devices in public places around New York City to record the conversations of unassuming New Yorkers. It then publishes them on their website. Yep.

Watch what you say New York. They are always listening...