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The Power of Sound

If there was any doubt about the power that old fashioned radio still holds in the digital age, consider this NYTimes article about its use by the Taliban.


The Church of Stop Shopping

This is pretty long but worth at least checking out.

Pacifica radio calls them "one of the great treasures of American culture."

Reverend Billy (subject of the Morgan Spurlock documentary "What would Jesus Buy") was arrested at Disney World, demonstrating, the day after Christmas.

Half joking (but only half), the church preaches the gospel of "stop shopping." They try to save people from "The Shopocolypse."

This is audio of one of their services after a brief interview with one of its leaders.



Program: Pacifica National Special
Playtime: 1 hour 51 minutes 38 seconds
Date: November, 2007


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Studio 360: The Santa Brand

How the Santa brand was created.


Producer: Steven Heller
Program: Studio 360
Playtime: 6 minutes 52 seconds
Date: December, 2002


Design, Religion, History

The Hugger

Weekend America (on it's second to last week) reaches back into their vault for this nugget about an Indian hugging saint.  Seems appropriate in these days when lots of us need a hug.


Producer: Krissy Clark
Program: Weekend America


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Tech Schools, English Classes...and Monks?

If the economy is getting you down, perhaps it's time to tune in and drop out - to a life of poverty, chastity and obedience.

Among all of the things advertised on the New York subway, one sticks out.  The Franciscans have put up ads to recruit friars.  Technically not monks, sure, but the Catholic Church still has been having trouble recruiting.


Producer: Ashley Milne-Tyte
Program: Marketplace
Date: February, 2009



Praying for the Auto Industry

From Rueters:  An audio slideshow on a church service entitled "A Hybrid Hope" at the Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, Michigan December 7, 2008.


Producer: Carlos Barria

Journalists Don't "Get" Religion?

Does the media's lack of religious understanding color its coverage?  There are lots of claims of of media bias out there.  This is one of them.


Playtime: 8 minutes 35 seconds



New Radio Lab Podcast

"Darwin has never had a majority."
At no time has a majority of the American public believed in the theory of evolution.  Darwin says we are animals.  People don't like that.

This is a fantastic podcast.


Program: Radiolab
Playtime: 27 minutes 28 seconds

From Father to Fatherhood on a Secluded Irish Island

AD fan Connor Walsh sent this piece from News Talk 106-108 in Dublin.  Boy becomes priest.  Boy doesn't like being a priest. Boy becomes hermit.  Boy meets girl hermit living nearby.  Hermits get married.  Hermits have kids.  Kids don't go to school.



Religion, Education

Talking to the Dead

Story of Lily Dale, NY - a town of mediums who communicate with the dead. This is mostly a nonjudgmental portrait but one of my favorite moments is when a young medium gets a message from the dead that there is a prank being played on someone right now - and that the person might not be aware a prank is being played on them... Sounds about right.


Playtime: 28 minutes 30 seconds


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New Radio Lab: After Life

New Radio Lab is about the moment of death - when, how, what...

From the website:  "[I]n a slight departure from our regular format, we bring you eleven meditations on how, when, and even if we die."



Religion, Death, Science

BBC Doc: Mulsims in the Isreali Army

Muslims are not required to serve the Isreali army as Isreal Jews are... but some do.



Religion, Violence

The Gods of Time Square

A vintage doc about New York at the tail end of a now bygone era.  The doc's sounds were recorded in time square in the early nineties - before Disney and Giuliani got to it, before 9-11, before the precipitous drop in crime, before the lawn chairs...  An amazing, sound-rich doc about the religious zealots in the square.


A Sacred City

Vrindavan:  Holy city to the followers of Krishna.  First of three parts.




The Foreskin of Christ

Connor Walsh sends AD this unbelievable story from the BBC about the constoversial history of the foreskin of Jesus Christ.  Incredible.


[Note:  Fast Forward 18:00 minutes for the Jesus's foreskin Story.]


Under Stands

Producer Ronan Kelly leaves the bleachers during a match, to find who else has paid to go in, but isn't watching the big game…

– Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 15 minutes 29 seconds


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Saints Alive

A balanced theological look at the concept and implementation of sainthood. Made by RTÉ in 2003.


- Audio Documentary London Bureau.


Playtime: 42 minutes 17 seconds


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Ritual of War in Taiwan

In the humid, rainy mountains of Taiwan, the Tsou people celebrate Mayasvi, dedicated to the god of war. This from the local Chiayi sound project.


– Audio Documentary London Bureau. 


Playtime: 5 minutes 24 seconds
Date: February, 2010

The Great Textbook War

Long before the Tea Party movement, the hills of West Virginia were echoing with a cultural clash over textbook content. This 2010 Peabody Award Winner comes from American Radio Works and was produced by Terry Kay and edited by Deborah George.


A Different Kind of Jew

Join Australian author Antony Lowenstein as an ear witness to the Gaza Freedom March and his internal struggle of identity.



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Cosmic Irony

The church that condemned Galileo in the 1600s for saying the earth revolves around the sun now has its own observatory to explore the heavens. Radio New Zealand takes you inside.


Playtime: 30 minutes 12 seconds


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Music Planet

Music Planet is an eight hour series recorded in the field, hearing the music that ties people to their local traditions. Designed to accompany a landmark BBC TV series, episode one of Music Planet includes much recording in canoes, including a shark hunt. The musicians are interviewed and perform in context, rather than a studio or off CD. The result is engaging and vivid.


Two more episodes are due to be broadcast. 


Connor Walsh, AD, London


Playtime: 59 minutes

Shalom, y'all!

Despite a dwindling membership, the Hebrew Union Congregation in America's Bible Belt still serves up a yearly feast for Jews and Gentiles alike.


Playtime: 7 minutes 50 seconds


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