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Radical Children's Literature

On Talking History we found this story about "an often neglected body of left-wing children's literature promoting nonviolence and social justice, and attacking bigotry and war."

From Dr. Suess to Carl Sanberg...  Aired on Pacifica Radio's "Against the Grain."


More Lesbian Separatists

A couple weeks ago we linked to the NY Times audio slide show about a lesbian-only community.  This week the New Yorker takes on the the lesbian separatists of the 70's.  I guess covering radical dykes is suddenly en vogue in the New York press??


Producer: Ariel Levy
Program: New Yorker
Playtime: 11 minutes 35 seconds
Date: March, 2009

WaPo Slide Show on Teddy

Washington Post Slide Audio Slide show on the late Edward Moore (Ted) Kennedy.


Thurgood Marshall

42 years ago this week (August 30 1967) Thurgood Marshal became the first African American on the Supreme Court, opening the door for three women and two more minorities subsequently.  American Radio works did this documentary in 2004 called "Thurgood Marshall Before the Court."


Occupy London Stock Exchange (Updated)

The Occupy movement has spread to London, where the nearest open lcoation to the stock exchange is in front of St Paul's Cathedral. Two clergymen have resigned over how the tents and protestors have been dealt with. It's being reported outside the mainstream media by the likes of student radio station SOAS Radio (Part 2 is here) and citizen journalists including The Shout (in multiple Audioboos).


Playtime: 6 minutes 24 seconds
Date: October, 2011

Supreme Court Audio: Health Care

Supreme Court Afordable Care Act arguements day 1  and day 2 the stunning day 3.

The court has dark comedic moment of levity starting at about 30:00 with reference to Jack Benny's comedy bit "Your money or your life." Here is a link to that historic comedy bit.


Date: March, 2012

Supremely Gay (SCOTUS AUDIO of Hollingsworth v. Perry)

I love the Supreme Court audio policy. And what would we do without Nina Totenberg?


via @gothamist: Freelance Spys are Publishing Your Conversations

A clever if cynical critique of public apathy in the face of pervasive U.S government surveillance, We Are Always Listening secretly places recording devices in public places around New York City to record the conversations of unassuming New Yorkers. It then publishes them on their website. Yep.

Watch what you say New York. They are always listening...