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Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society

NYTimes audio slide show about a kind of Freudian museum in Coney Island.  To "bring to light the unconscious of Coney Island."



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Gut wrenching NYTimes audio slideshow

Another amazing installment in the One in Eight Million slide show series.


Hearing Jean Shepard

Long time New York Radio personality and voice of "A Christmas Story" on Hearing Voices.



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The Moth Radio Hour

The Moth Radio Hour is a new radio show produced by Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.  It's distributed by the Public Radio Exchange,

But the Moth story-telling series has been going on for a dozen years.  This short piece found on PRX explains its origins.



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The Gods of Time Square

A vintage doc about New York at the tail end of a now bygone era.  The doc's sounds were recorded in time square in the early nineties - before Disney and Giuliani got to it, before 9-11, before the precipitous drop in crime, before the lawn chairs...  An amazing, sound-rich doc about the religious zealots in the square.


New York is Safer Now. What's a Crime Writer to do?

To find what remains of the gritty New York, NPR takes the Ikea ferry to Red Hook?  Maybe they can find one of those gritty French fusion restaurants that make their own cheese - Chez Gritte?
Kidding aside, a cool story about the history of Red Hook, Brooklyn -- and a broad look at the direction of present Brooklyn.



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A Radio Rookies story, painting a strong picture of a teen in New York who hits his family.

- Audio Documentary London Bureau


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Long Form for Short Attention Spans

Some of the masters of long form story telling were on hand at The New School in NYC for a panel hosted by Pro Publica. I watched the first 45 seconds. It was okay. Just kidding. They promise to have the whole video posted today sometime. So put down your smart phone, get off facebook, stop your tweeting and listen, whippersnappers. In the mean time I found it here:


Date: March, 2011

Beerly Coherent

Beerly Coherent 10: Hof ten Dormaal Donker (mp3)

Hmm Beeer. Andrew and Bob loooove beer. But Bob is in Brooklyn, and Andrew is in Brussels. Both Americans who, did I mention, love beer, they won't let the Atlantic Ocean come between them. In this episode of their Beerly Coherent podcast, the connoisseurs taste and review a Dormaal Donker.  

Caution: contains the words/phrases "geez", "crap", "Oh my god" and "spewing".


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Last Lennon Interview

December 5, 1980, John Lennon did a radio interview for RKO. It aired three days later, hours before he he was shot and killed outside the Dakota. Here are excerpts from what is said to be Lennon's last interview.


Don't Go Far, Dinner's Ready

Two pre-teens in Dublin take off on a lark that ends up in a trans-Atlantic adventure.


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Contribute Ambient Sounds for New Composition "Soundwalk 9:09"

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (in collaboration with composer John Luther Adams) is seeking sounds collected between their historic location at 5th Avenue and 82nd Street and their new wing at 75th and Madison for a commemorative composition.


via @gothamist: Freelance Spys are Publishing Your Conversations

A clever if cynical critique of public apathy in the face of pervasive U.S government surveillance, We Are Always Listening secretly places recording devices in public places around New York City to record the conversations of unassuming New Yorkers. It then publishes them on their website. Yep.

Watch what you say New York. They are always listening...