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Poker Pays Powwow Pros


Producer: Kai Ryssda
Program: Marketplace

Omaha Indian Songs from the American Folklife Center

The American Folklife Center has online collections of American historical recordings like this one - the Omaha Indian funeral song recorded on a wax cylinder in the late 1800's.

"The Omaha had only one funeral song, addressed directly to the spirit of the dead and intended to cheer the spirit on its journey."


Mormons Educating Indians

This is from a recent episode of Third Coast Festival's Re:Sound.  The third segmant is about how Mormons - who believe Native American Indians are a lost tribe of Israel - took 20,000 Indian children from their reservations and brainwashed them - and how some of them might have been happy to go along with it.


[Story starts a little before 15:00]


Date: May, 2009

Five Farms Documentary Series

This series from the Center for Documentary Studies was apparently released this past spring but is a perfect listen for the fall harvest season.  Five American family farms profiled including a traditional Hopi farm family.