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Studio 360: Boom Box Band

Story of a guy who composes music to be played by volunteers on a whole bunch of boom boxes.


Producer: Jonathan Mitchell
Program: Studio 360
Playtime: 7 minutes
Date: December, 2005


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40th Anniversary of Beatles Live on the roof

As of Jan. 30 it will be 40 years since the Beatles last performance - an impromptu performance on top of Apples studios.  BBC is airing a documentary later today (which you can stream) that should then be available on this link.



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Pop Music

Radio lab talks about the science of getting songs stuck in you head


Program: Radio Lab
Playtime: 58 minutes 58 seconds


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Go Tell it on the Mountain: A History

Soundprint brings a tribute to and history of the spiritual "Go Tell it on the Mountain."


Producer: Jean Dalrymple
Program: Soundprint
Playtime: 28 minutes 31 seconds

Even Rappers Get The Blues

NPR's Valentine's Day collection of "Hip-Hop laments."


Producer: Andrew Noz



Manchester Street Musicians

Matthew Wilcock of Manchester, England sent us this soundscape of street musicians

He says:

"An audio documentary focusing on street musicians that frequent the streets of Manchester, England. The work exists both as a musical composition and an audio-vérité documentary. The piece features seven characters that each inflect their own experiences of life on the busking streets. For more information go to the website."




On Bob Dylan: "His is an art of the ear not the eye"

This is really great if you are a Dylan fan.  A BU poetry professor in 2001 at a joint appearance with Bob Dylan.  It's really interesting to hear a poetry prof analyzing Dylan Lyrics.  The clipped British accent makes it even better.

"Boston University Professor Christopher Ricks discussed the poetry inherent in Bob Dylan's songs. Professor Ricks is an authority on the works of T.S. Eliot, Samuel Beckett, and A.E. Houseman."


Playtime: 52 minutes 29 seconds
Date: March, 2001


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Omaha Indian Songs from the American Folklife Center

The American Folklife Center has online collections of American historical recordings like this one - the Omaha Indian funeral song recorded on a wax cylinder in the late 1800's.

"The Omaha had only one funeral song, addressed directly to the spirit of the dead and intended to cheer the spirit on its journey."


New This American Life Espisode 386: Fine Print

Great to hear a story about Van Halen on TAL, if nothing else.



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Mike Seeger Interview

Interview with Dylan hero and Pete half-brother who passed away Aug. 7.

Here is the NPR rememberance.



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Music in Cork Prison

In contrast to the American Penal system.  RTE Radio's Documentary on One has this piece about music lessons in Cork prison.



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VINTAGE CBC: How the Beatles Changed the World (1967)

A 1967 CBC Doc about the Beatles.  Humorous intro reflecting on the relevance of the Beatles to those over 30.  Closing words from Leonard Cohen.  Makes reference to "American folk poet Bobby Dylan."  Also, some sort of academic theorist refers to "Lennon and McCarthy."  Good Fun.



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DJ Sedaris

David Sedaris spins from the stacks of wax at KCRW



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National Geographic Doc: African Punk

From the site: "explores a forgotten chapter in the history of South African music-the role of punk rock. Originally broadcast in the Czech Republic, the audio documentary Waking The Nation sketches out the fascinating and often overlooked story of punk rock, ska and post-punk music as it played out against the background of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa in the late '70s and 1980s."


Lots of music in this one.



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Studio 360 goes to Theremin School


Peter Bochan's Shortcuts

Hearing Voices recently featured a piece from this series:


      Mixing music, dialogue from soundtracks, press conferences, sound effects and other sources, shortcuts has presented a wide variety of themes over the past thirty years, including programs on growing up, growing old, going crazy, being afraid, alone, in love; shows on music, space, race and politics from Watergate to Whitewater, plus retrospectives featuring the major events of each passing year. Recorded and mixed digitally, shortcuts features no narration, it's message evolves from the careful juxtaposition of the various elements.



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Sculpting Music with the Ondes Martenot

Unusual music production, plus a French accent: Winner! Radio France International looks at a predecessor to the synthesiser keyboard.

- Audio Documentary London Bureau



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Ritual of War in Taiwan

In the humid, rainy mountains of Taiwan, the Tsou people celebrate Mayasvi, dedicated to the god of war. This from the local Chiayi sound project.


– Audio Documentary London Bureau. 


Playtime: 5 minutes 24 seconds
Date: February, 2010

Armchair Traveller

Sound Transit brings you wherever you wish to go – in sound. Click the aircraft, select the cities you'd like to visit, and the website gives you a choice of itineraries. They all cost the same (a few minutes of your time) but give you a choice of stopovers. Chose your route and the website will prepare a unique mp3 of field recordings from each place. 

Air travel without any of the grief!


Audio Documentary Europe



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Middle C

A beautiful work, Middle C musically and emotionally follows the change from girl, to woman, to man, for a singer.

Middle C is produced by the CBC as part of the Global Perspective series. Slightly different versions are airing on the participant broadcasters.


Audio Documentary Europe


Playtime: 26 minutes 29 seconds

Vegetable Violence

Vegetable Violence from tim prebble on Vimeo.


Playtime: 1 minute 45 seconds

Radio the night John Lennon died

WFMU in New Jersey posts this recording of a sweep across the FM dial in New York, on the night John Lennon died there in 1980.


Rolling Stone magazine has also released audio of an interview with John Lennon, three days before. Listen here. Includes strong language.


Connor Walsh for AD, Brussels



Playtime: 6 minutes


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Heel, Toe, Step Together

An octogenarian East Londoner tries to teach a twenty-something to dance. The delightful Heel, Toe, Step Together is one of the most acclaimed British documentaries of 2010. 


Connor Walsh for AD, London.


Playtime: 27 minutes 30 seconds


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Why Music Matters

Seven snappy and catchy items that do what it says on the tin – why music matters, to the musical, the medical, the military, and the extraterrestrial. 


Why Music Matters is produced by radio KEXP in Seattle, and the Association of Independents in Radio.


Connor Walsh, AD, London. 


Music Planet

Music Planet is an eight hour series recorded in the field, hearing the music that ties people to their local traditions. Designed to accompany a landmark BBC TV series, episode one of Music Planet includes much recording in canoes, including a shark hunt. The musicians are interviewed and perform in context, rather than a studio or off CD. The result is engaging and vivid.


Two more episodes are due to be broadcast. 


Connor Walsh, AD, London


Playtime: 59 minutes

The Origins of Rhythm

A short item that encompasses its message though all the sound, not just the speech. The text, here, likewise talks about audio (the production) and audio (the rhythm). The story is from a master tabla player.

Connor Walsh, AD, London. 


Playtime: 5 minutes 52 seconds


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New Sounds of China

The history of underground music in China – with a skip through classic pop to today's rap, rock, and avant-garde. Mixing the music, interviews, and the perspective of a Beijinger, a British music journalist, and old China-hands. Episode one of a new series takes you safely to somewhere new. Also available for stations to buy on PRX.

Connor Walsh, AD, London


Playtime: 58 minutes 58 seconds


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When An Angel Passes

An update on AudioDocumentary.Org's exclusive blogging of London's radio features shindig last week. Clocks & Clouds was great. The speakers were delightful, and so were their selections of audio. I came away with lots of good new places to look for interesting documentaries, and will be sharing those with you here over the next few weeks. To start us off, When An Angel Passes, a delicious montage of the passion for great radio, by some of its greatest practitioners, which premiered at the conference. Outside the scheduled sessions, producers paid and unpaid, students formal and informal mingled and learned from one another. It was also good to see staff from the BBC World Service, where hundreds of redundancies have been announced, escaping that worry for a day of positivity and encouragement. 

Connor Walsh, AD, London



Playtime: 10 minutes 23 seconds

Practice, Practice, Practice

Serious musicians reveal the price they pay for a life of dedication to their instruments. Is it worth it? Beautiful music mixed with a sometimes discordant counterpoint.


Playtime: 9 minutes 30 seconds


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Life-Saving Sounds

Instead of beeping sounds, hospitals may soon have monitors that play music to alert changes in patients' conditions and even track diseases.


Playtime: 5 minutes 59 seconds


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What Phish Sounds Like To People Who Don't Like Phish

I am going to go ahead and say this qualifies as audio documentary. Hilarious and also brilliant in the vein of Revolution #9 or Zappa.


Last Lennon Interview

December 5, 1980, John Lennon did a radio interview for RKO. It aired three days later, hours before he he was shot and killed outside the Dakota. Here are excerpts from what is said to be Lennon's last interview.


John Cage Audio on UbuWeb

From UbuWeb, a great collection of John Cage audio.



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Sound artist Anders Dahl "[S]pent 4 years creating this piece of birds and insects and other animals; using only speakers, toys and other mechanical devices."



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Ebert On Dylan

via John Barth @PRX



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Singing Mice

Just that. Actual singing mice.



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What is LBJ admitting here?

I'm not completely sure but he was apparently drinking beer in a car that nearly had an accident...


@PRX Kurt Cobain the Lost Interview



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