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New This American Life Espisode 386: Fine Print

Great to hear a story about Van Halen on TAL, if nothing else.



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The Gates Audio

9-11 call about famously arrested Harvard Professor Henery Lous Gates Jr.  The police dispatch is here too.



About the U.S. Government policy prosecuting terrorist before they strike or...  punishing people before they are guilty er... stopping the gonna-be-guilty while they are still innocent... talking people into doing bad things then arresting them for considering doing them.  Let's call it "entrapment."


But seriously, the subject of this story is hard to feel sorry for.


Stuck in Folsom Prison

In the wake of a big Chino, California prison riot, NPR goes to Folsom Prison.  Once a model for prisons around the country, Folsom has degenerated into a "pressure cooker" that does nothing but prepare prisoners for more crime.  The prison population has exploded in recent years and there is not enough money.

Now, a federal court has ordered California to cut the prison population by 25%.  They also look to cut $1.2 billion from the corrections budget.



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UPDATED February 2010.


A deeply engaging and disturbing feature on "survivors" – individuals who have survived solitary confinement in American prisons. 

Photo by Terry Foss, from

Claire Schoen did a shorter version of this piece for Day to Day (a show NPR canceled earlier this year).  It has 9 former prisoners describing their experiences with solitary confinement. Listen here.


Producer: Claire Schoen
Playtime: 28 minutes 58 seconds


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American Radio Works: Life After Prison (Real Audio)

From the website:

"After an historic, generation-long prison expansion, American prisons are now releasing more than 600,000 inmates each year. The punishment doesn't end at the prison gates. On the outside, ex-prisoners face tattered connections to family and more closed doors. They also pose a challenge for the places they go home to"


Music in Cork Prison

In contrast to the American Penal system.  RTE Radio's Documentary on One has this piece about music lessons in Cork prison.



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Thurgood Marshall

42 years ago this week (August 30 1967) Thurgood Marshal became the first African American on the Supreme Court, opening the door for three women and two more minorities subsequently.  American Radio works did this documentary in 2004 called "Thurgood Marshall Before the Court."


Did Texas Execute an Innocent Man?

There has never been a proven case of an innocent person getting the death penalty.  The case of Cameron Todd Willingham, executed in Texas in 2004, may become the first.


No Brother of Mine

Winner of a 2011 Edward R. Murrow Regional Award, an unflinching look at U.S. sex offender policies.


Playtime: 54 minutes 1 second


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Supreme Court Audio: Health Care

Supreme Court Afordable Care Act arguements day 1  and day 2 the stunning day 3.

The court has dark comedic moment of levity starting at about 30:00 with reference to Jack Benny's comedy bit "Your money or your life." Here is a link to that historic comedy bit.


Date: March, 2012

Supremely Gay (SCOTUS AUDIO of Hollingsworth v. Perry)

I love the Supreme Court audio policy. And what would we do without Nina Totenberg?