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Audio Search

It's easy enough to search for video or products on Google. But it can be hard to search for audio files. This search engine (called SkreemR), while not perfect, yields some pretty good results.

A search engine for audio files(philes).



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Is Hearing Better than Seeing?

Will something be lost as NPR and others move from all audio broadcasts to multimedia web sites?



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New NPR Website

In case you haven't been over to see it.  New NPR website launched a couple days ago.  This video has NPR's Scott Simon explaining the new features.  One commenter on YouTube says "This is a beautiful web site! Will this help avoid layoffs?"



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How to Disappear in the Digital Age

On the Media reports on a Wired story that tries to find out.  And if you can find who they disappeared, you could win $5000.



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BBC Doc: Citizen Journalism

For better or worse?



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Ira Glass Talks about the "Free" Internet

Search Engine with Jesse Brown with a unique interview of Ira Glass about the internet and public radio.  Search Engine is from TVO "Ontario's public educational media organization and a trusted source of interactive educational content that informs, inspires, and stimulates curiosity and thought."



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New Websites for Third Coast and This American Life

In case you didn't notice.  Cool new designs.  Third Coast's, in particular, is a really fun departure as they move to independent organization status (formerly a WBEZ entity).


TAL also lauched a newly designed site.



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Your Audio Morning Paper

Collection of podcast and RSS feeds from the International Feature Conference.  Listen to all the latest from great radio from around the world without leaving a this single web page.  You can build you own, too!  Kind of like your own, on-going audio front page.



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Armchair Traveller

Sound Transit brings you wherever you wish to go – in sound. Click the aircraft, select the cities you'd like to visit, and the website gives you a choice of itineraries. They all cost the same (a few minutes of your time) but give you a choice of stopovers. Chose your route and the website will prepare a unique mp3 of field recordings from each place. 

Air travel without any of the grief!


Audio Documentary Europe



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chick/lit + AD Exclusive Interview

chick/lit examines fan fiction – a particular type called Slash Fiction. It's a genre best known for bringing Harry Potter and his rivals… together. spoke to the producer, Inez Tan, from Singapore. She says chick/lit is unlikely to get broadcast on the radio there, because of the homesexual inferences of Slash Fiction. Listen to the interview by clicking here

Music: Kämmerer A Final Year Project for the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore ©  Inez Tan, 2010


Connor Walsh, for AD, London


Producer: Inez Tan
Playtime: 31 minutes 38 seconds


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NPR's Very Own Radio

PC Mag review's the NPR radio:

"With access to more than 800 NPR stations, 20,000 Internet radio stations, and Pandora, Livio's Radio isn't your dad's table-top radio"

Do you really need 800 NPR stations, though?  8... Hundred...  If you are in an iron lung, this is the radio for you.

David Maxon AD - Hanoi


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AD Hearts AF

After three years of linking in the wilderness, has company! We would like to offer a full-throated endorsement to the new audio curating site, Audiofiles. In case you haven't seen it (or read about it), Audiofiles is similar in concept to in that it is an independant site that curates links to radio and audio pieces available free online (you'll even see a number of things AD has featured on there). It doesn't feature any original content like AD and perhaps tends more toward main-stream American public radio ala NPR. Audiofiles, however, adds crowd-sourcing via Twitter integration so that the curating spigot is turned to 11. It also allows users to save links by signing in with Twitter. It's a cool twist on the idea of audio links curating and we hope everyone will check it out!


Ghost of Podcast Past

You don't have to go that far back to find quaint explanations of podcasting that sound like late-80s reports trying to describe the internet. Check this one out from CNN, 2006.



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