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New Yorker Audio: Africans moving to China's "Chocolate City." One is Obama's Half Brother.

This is a fascinating interview from the New Yorker Out Loud about African immigrants in China and the impact of that - intermarriage etc.  They also mention that one of the them - married to a Chinese women - is Obama's half brother.


Program: New Yorker
Date: February, 2009

Tijuana Art Scene

From a show that NPR has canceled - Day to Day - the story of the Tijuana art scene and a gallery in a former drug tunnel.


Producer: Jason Beaubien
Program: Day to Day
Playtime: 4 minutes 39 seconds
Date: February, 2009


Immigration, Drugs, Art

Bill Moyers: Hate Radio

Chilling story from Bill Moyers Journal about "right-wing" talk radio.


Transgendered South of the Border

Reuters audio slide show about the life of a transgendered individual in Mexico.



Gender, Immigration

Gut wrenching NYTimes audio slideshow

Another amazing installment in the One in Eight Million slide show series.


All the President's Mom

Connor Walsh alerts us to this BBC doc about the mother of President Barack Obama.  Ann Dunham is described as a globe trotting "peacnik." She studied archaeology and anthropology of agricultural blacksmiths.  She got grants from the Ford Foundation and loans from the World Bank and worked to help rural people get loans to start small businesses.


Playtime: 22 minutes 26 seconds
Date: September, 2009

My Own Private Twillingate

The successful struggle of an immigrant doctor to the town of Twillingate, New Foundland. Dr. Mohamed Iqbal Ravalia is profiled delightfully by the CBC.

– Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 19 minutes 15 seconds

My Mom Wants to Get a Haitian

Lots in the news about the controversial adoption of Haitian children.  AD listener Kevin Bolger sent this really "on-the-ground" personal story from a 25 year-old whose mom really wants a couple Hatian kids.

"brief interview with my friend about a possible change to his family. His mother is considering adopting children from Haiti."



Interview, Immigration

AD Exclusive! Up The Cally audio and interview

Francesca Panetta talks to AudioDocumentary.Org

A sound rich journey down one of London's arterial roads, Caledonian Road, from The Guardian. Up The Cally is an engaging mix of local characters, narrator, music and sound. Plus it's available as a clickable map and audio slideshow

In an exclusive interview with, the producer, Francesca Panetta tells how making the piece has affected her.

Since this interview was recorded, Francesca has won Britain's highest award for audio, the Sony Gold Award, for Best Internet Programme Europe



Playtime: 40 minutes 29 seconds

Wrestling With The Immigration Issue

The Mexican sports drama of Lucha Libre wrestling becomes the stage where the good guys in masks struggle against symbols of badge-wearing authority. AMERICAS


Playtime: 4 minutes 20 seconds


Sports, Sound Rich, Immigration

UK Today

While the furrowed brows of the BBC World Service are on holidays, they've let the creatives loose, with great effect. Two engaging documentaries about UK citizens who have been put somewhere difficult. Philip McTaggart's son committed suicide, changing his life. Mary Thida Lun's mom fled the Khmer Rouge, and now has a daughter serving in war zones as a British civil servant. Big topics, in a manner more full of human contradiction and personality than we usually hear on the BBC World Service.


Audio Documentary Europe





Playtime: 22 minutes 29 seconds

My Father Takes a Vacation

A young man tells the story of another, his father, who upped and left his kids in Sweden while he travelled to Ireland. This documentary features two physical and emotional journeys, that will move probably anyone who's been a young man. The video is an English transcript of the bi-lingual original, while this longer all-English version was also produced. 


Audio Documentary Europe


Playtime: 29 minutes 51 seconds

Lucia's Letter

A Guatemalan teenager writes to warn other young unsuspecting women to avoid terrifying experiences she suffered when smuggled into the U.S. by “coyotes.” A Peabody award winning documentary.



Sex, Violence, Immigration

The "Wetbacks"

Immigrants flowing across the U.S. border is nothing new. This doc from 1954 is a nostalgic eye-opener to a nearly century-old issue.



Through Cairo Airport

The story of an Irish woman who married an Egyptian and a woman from Egypt who's wed to an Irishman. Both are struggling to adapt to life in their spouse's homeland. It's like culture clash in stereo.


Playtime: 22 minutes 4 seconds


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