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NY Times: 82% of Job Losses Are Men, Women to Overtake Men in the Workforce

Check out the audio interview of the NY times's CATHERINE RAMPELL that accompanies the article.


Slideshow: Lesbian Only Community

"If I were to become involved with a man, then I would be expected to leave.  That's how I got my lot here, because the prior owner got in love with a man so she gave up her land."

Slide show from NY Times about a Lesbian community in Florida started in the 1970's. "[A] matriarchal community, where no men were allowed, where even a male infant brought by visitors was cause for debate."

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New Transom Show: Prostate Diaries

A humorous take on a dark subject.  After a prostate exam, what if you pretend to cry and tell the doctor that you feel used and that you know he won't call you ever again?

Not you average public radio story...


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More Lesbian Separatists

A couple weeks ago we linked to the NY Times audio slide show about a lesbian-only community.  This week the New Yorker takes on the the lesbian separatists of the 70's.  I guess covering radical dykes is suddenly en vogue in the New York press??


Producer: Ariel Levy
Program: New Yorker
Playtime: 11 minutes 35 seconds
Date: March, 2009

New Transom Show: Jennie's Secret

Story of a woman who pretended to be a man and fought in the civil war.

And this piece about modern gender reassignment  - The Evolution of Y - makes a nice companion.



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"Short People Got No Reason..."

An interview with a tall woman about a book she wrote about tall and the fact that tall people make more money.  That begs a question they did not address:  How much of the pay discrepancy between men and women can be ascribe to height - and vice versa.



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Soundprint NUDE!

Nude!  This Soundprint episode is about being NAKED and NUDE.  Listen and hear lots of talk about NUDITY and being NUDE.  NUDE. NAKED.



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BBC Doc on Male Victims of Domestic Violence

Just came across this BBC doc from February that shines a light on a issue that is not often taken seriously.

"Since it's difficult to accept the the idea of male victims, those suffering from domestic abuse can find themselves wrongly accused as the abuser."

Doc features a male victim who was arrested 23 times in one year.



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Transgendered South of the Border

Reuters audio slide show about the life of a transgendered individual in Mexico.



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Marketplace: Gold Digging Goes Mainstream?

For men, more $$ = more dates - at least in online dating.


Columbia Business School behavioral economist who used to run a speed dating service:  "Yes if you want to put it very coarsely - and maybe you shouldn't put this on the air - the gold digger stereotype holds true."

On the other hand "There is no amount of money that will make an undesirable women attractive on these sites."

Ah, romance...



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In Verse

Troy, New York used to be the richest city in America. But industrial decay has take a toll and the city is now impoverished. Men are scarce and single-mothers the norm.

In Verse: Women of Troy from InVerse on Vimeo.

An MQ2 project receiving funding from the Association of Independents in Radio (AIR) and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB),  "In Verse is a collaboration between poets, photographers and radio producers to create a new model of storytelling in journalism. "

The project will be  featured in  Virginia Quarterly Review and on Studio 360. 

Here is an audio slide show sneak peak.  It's one of three that can be found here.




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Saltcast (the audio blog of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies) features a story about a producer doing a story about swingers - yep, those swingers.  To use or not to use "graphic" audio...



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Choosing Castration

An extraordinary series of interview about men who've volunteered for chemical castration. In one possibly upsetting interview, a sex offender discusses how he chose it, and life now. Also, a man who was not a sex offender but physically castrated himself to reduce his testosterone fuelled aggression.  


– Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 52 minutes 12 seconds

Middle C

A beautiful work, Middle C musically and emotionally follows the change from girl, to woman, to man, for a singer.

Middle C is produced by the CBC as part of the Global Perspective series. Slightly different versions are airing on the participant broadcasters.


Audio Documentary Europe


Playtime: 26 minutes 29 seconds

UK Today

While the furrowed brows of the BBC World Service are on holidays, they've let the creatives loose, with great effect. Two engaging documentaries about UK citizens who have been put somewhere difficult. Philip McTaggart's son committed suicide, changing his life. Mary Thida Lun's mom fled the Khmer Rouge, and now has a daughter serving in war zones as a British civil servant. Big topics, in a manner more full of human contradiction and personality than we usually hear on the BBC World Service.


Audio Documentary Europe





Playtime: 22 minutes 29 seconds

A Woman of No Consequence

Marking International Woman's Day, "A Woman of No Consequence" from the CBC. Told in a simple manner, this story is at times sad, at times reaffirming. The ordinarly-extraordinary story and sonic qualities of the protagonist's voice lift it above a straightforward interview, to something musical and moving.


Connor Walsh, AD, London. 


Supremely Gay (SCOTUS AUDIO of Hollingsworth v. Perry)

I love the Supreme Court audio policy. And what would we do without Nina Totenberg?