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Another Great Slide Show from NYTimes

15 years of organic gardening in a Brooklyn public housing project.


Five Farms Documentary Series

This series from the Center for Documentary Studies was apparently released this past spring but is a perfect listen for the fall harvest season.  Five American family farms profiled including a traditional Hopi farm family.


NPR Vault: Mushroom to Fight Terror

If it isn't T-shirt vendors that stop the next terror attack maybe it will be 'shrooms...  Piece sent to us by an AD user.  Thanks Matt!



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The Cook and the Gardener

The Cook And The Gardener by Soundrich

Sometimes you have to go a long way to find what you're looking for. Sometimes you don't, as Jill Strauss discovered. Another piece from the Duke Center for Documentary Studies summer workshop.


Playtime: 8 minutes 25 seconds