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It's okay to like boxed wine

Design and boxed wine


Producer: Ellen Lupton
Program: Studio 360
Playtime: 4 minutes 28 seconds


Food and Beverage, Design

Flame Broiled Cologne

BK has a new burger scented body spray.

Just the thing for the recently laid off fast food worker who is trying to hide his unemployment from his family, I guess.

Are they just bottling their used grease?


Program: Morning Edition
Playtime: 1 minute 7 seconds
Date: December, 2008


Weird, Food and Beverage

Olive Oil Fraud

In what could only be the work of Popeye's arch nemesis Brutus, companies have been passing lesser fare off as Olive Oil. Morning edition has the skinny.


Producer: Diane Orson
Program: Morning Edition
Playtime: 3 minutes 25 seconds
Date: December, 2008


Food and Beverage

Expert Knows Nose

The science of smell on Leonard Lopate.  Expert claims our noses are about as good as a dogs.


Program: Leonard Lopate
Playtime: 19 minutes 12 seconds
Date: February, 2009


Food and Beverage, Science

This I Believe: Be Cool to the Pizza Dude

English Professor Sarah Adams' simple life philosophy is to be cool to the pizza dude - for lots of reasons.  Among them:

"They never took over a company and, as CEO, artificially inflated the value of the stock and cashed out their own shares, bringing the company to the brink of bankruptcy, resulting in 20,000 people losing their jobs while the CEO builds a home the size of a luxury hotel. Rather, the dudes sleep the sleep of the just."

Something to keep in mind if they forget your bread sticks...


Date: May, 2009


Food and Beverage

Illegal Beekeeping NYC

NYTimes Audio slide show on rooftop beekeeping on the sly.


Another Great Slide Show from NYTimes

15 years of organic gardening in a Brooklyn public housing project.


Did Warhol Just Like Soup or What?

Studio 360 rebroadcast about the iconic Campbell's Soup paintings.


Transom Multimedia

Transom offers up a new work, about a man struggling with obesity, which perhaps stretches the definition of what is an "audio" production.  I mean that only for the purposes of this site.  They actually call it multimedia but the sound rich production and de-emphasized and choppy (but brilliant) animation and the piece's aurally innovative, sound-driven nature does make this piece an audio doc to me.  Maybe.  At any rate, that's really neither here nor there.  It is really cool and it comes from Transom so, it gets posted.


Dissecting Christmas Dinner

The Naked Scientists of Cambridge dissect a chicken – a simple, factual item that pleases and engages. The link points to the complete hour long programme, which is well worth a listen, while the roast-bird item starts 39 minutes in.

– Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 8 minutes 4 seconds

AD Exclusive! Up The Cally audio and interview

Francesca Panetta talks to AudioDocumentary.Org

A sound rich journey down one of London's arterial roads, Caledonian Road, from The Guardian. Up The Cally is an engaging mix of local characters, narrator, music and sound. Plus it's available as a clickable map and audio slideshow

In an exclusive interview with, the producer, Francesca Panetta tells how making the piece has affected her.

Since this interview was recorded, Francesca has won Britain's highest award for audio, the Sony Gold Award, for Best Internet Programme Europe



Playtime: 40 minutes 29 seconds

Vegetable Violence

Vegetable Violence from tim prebble on Vimeo.


Playtime: 1 minute 45 seconds

Beerly Coherent

Beerly Coherent 10: Hof ten Dormaal Donker (mp3)

Hmm Beeer. Andrew and Bob loooove beer. But Bob is in Brooklyn, and Andrew is in Brussels. Both Americans who, did I mention, love beer, they won't let the Atlantic Ocean come between them. In this episode of their Beerly Coherent podcast, the connoisseurs taste and review a Dormaal Donker.  

Caution: contains the words/phrases "geez", "crap", "Oh my god" and "spewing".


Playtime: 4 minutes 59 seconds

The Cook and the Gardener

The Cook And The Gardener by Soundrich

Sometimes you have to go a long way to find what you're looking for. Sometimes you don't, as Jill Strauss discovered. Another piece from the Duke Center for Documentary Studies summer workshop.


Playtime: 8 minutes 25 seconds

What is LBJ admitting here?

I'm not completely sure but he was apparently drinking beer in a car that nearly had an accident...


Third Coast Short Doc Winners

All five 2013 Short Doc Winners and even a people's choice.



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