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Dubai: Cool Sand Beaches

Dubai has found yet another over-the-top way to use energy with reckless abandon. It's like Las Vegas on crack.


Program: Morning Edition
Playtime: 27 seconds
Date: December, 2008


Design, Environment, Bad News

Where Does Storm Water Go?

Soundprint Story about how Baltimore is trying to keep toxic storm runoff from polluting Chesapeake Bay.

Part "The Wire," part Environmental Hydrology.

[Realplayer required].


Producer: Katie Gott
Program: Soundprint
Playtime: 28 minutes 30 seconds

The time is nigh!

The New Yorker's Ben McGrath talks about how the financial collapse relates to the end of the world as we know it...and he feels fine.


Program: New Yorker
Playtime: 10 minutes 20 seconds
Date: January, 2009

The Pacific Ocean's Giant floating Garbage Dump

"In the Central North Pacific, plastic outweighs surface zooplankton 6 to 1."


Program: the Leonard Lopate Show
Playtime: 23 minutes
Date: January, 2009


Environment, Bad News

Are Our Old Computers Posioning Africans?

Laura Lynch reports from Ghana for PRI's "The World."

[Find where to recycle e-waste.]



Technology, Environment

Illegal Beekeeping NYC

NYTimes Audio slide show on rooftop beekeeping on the sly.


Another Great Slide Show from NYTimes

15 years of organic gardening in a Brooklyn public housing project.


Dolphin killing in Japan

How Flipper spured an international obsession with dolphins, swimming with dolphins, and places like Seaworld which, in turn, supports a multi-million dollar industry that slaughters dolphins.


Making the desert bloom

Could global warming create greener deserts?  This three part doc format he BBC examines the question.



Environment, Science

The World's Most Powerful Island

The Danish island of Samso creates more renewable power than it uses.


Missing Island In Mexico

BBC with an in-depth documentary on a fascinating story that is apparently of no interest to the North American Press?



Weird, History, Environment

Five Farms Documentary Series

This series from the Center for Documentary Studies was apparently released this past spring but is a perfect listen for the fall harvest season.  Five American family farms profiled including a traditional Hopi farm family.


The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out...

The green burial movement:  featuring a 34-year-old woman who would like to have her body composted by worms.

Winner of Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Documentary, from the Radio & Television News Directors Association, 2009. Winner of PRNDI Award for Best Documentary from Public Radio News Directors Inc., 2009.



Science, Environment, Death

Dumpster Diving as a Career

The epitome of a resourceful, green-friendly small business owner.  Behold the professional dumpster diver as capitalist.


Date: September, 2009


Environment, Economy

BBC Environmental Road Trip

The BBC's weekly environmental programme, One Planet, goes on an American road-trip. The Englishmen see big cars, generous people, and the inventor of lithium-ion batteries. All on the road to Copenhagen.

- Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 27 minutes 2 seconds
Date: November, 2009

Visit the South Pole

Britain's most renowned natural sound recordist, Chris Watson, has been to Antarctica. In this enhanced podcast, he provides just enough details to set the scene – and then lets the sounds bring you there. Some of the most engrossing audio you'll hear.

– Audio Documentary London Bureau 


Playtime: 50 minutes 21 seconds

A Good Place to Hide

A rich feature in the European tradition, blending vérité, drama, and music. A lake in the Norwegian mountains. Fish, family, friends, strangers. If the audio link above doesn't play for you, try here.

- Audio Documentary London Bureau


(Photo: Martin Williams)


Producer: Martin Williams
Playtime: 54 minutes 32 seconds


With St Patrick's day close at hand… RTÉ Radio 1 sent reporter Brenda O'Donohue on the trail of leprechauns. Starting 7 minutes 30 seconds in, you'll hear that she found…


- Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 4 minutes 39 seconds


Weird, Environment

St Patrick was a Mayoman

Local traditions about St Patrick abound in Ireland, and this RTÉ documentary looked at one, in 1981, with the first visit to a rocky island by humans for hundreds of years.


- Audio Documentary London Bureau


Producer: Dick Warner
Program: Documentary On One
Playtime: 39 minutes 29 seconds

Third Coast Staff Picks

Keep and eye on Third Coast International Audio Festival's "Staff Picks" in the lower right hand corner of their newly designed website.  Recent picks have included pics of record grooves under and electron microscope.

And this:

"The german Alfred-Wegener-Institute is transmitting a MP3-livestream from Antarctica. They put four hydrophones 70 m underneath the shelf ice and 90 m above the ocean ground through drilled holes in the thick ice sheet. In close proximity to the open water the microphones catch the calls of sea mammals living in this remote region."




iPoison Workers

Workers in China get severe nerve damage at a factory that makes touch screens for Apple.  Workers claim that the poisoning -- from an illegal chemical used to increase the speed of manufacture -- occurred on the floor that makes iPhones.
Apple will not comment.



Technology, Environment

Ritual of War in Taiwan

In the humid, rainy mountains of Taiwan, the Tsou people celebrate Mayasvi, dedicated to the god of war. This from the local Chiayi sound project.


– Audio Documentary London Bureau. 


Playtime: 5 minutes 24 seconds
Date: February, 2010

Stalacpipe Organ – Sound Tourism

Sound Tourism maps places worth a visit because they sound so good. In this example, curator Trevor Cox, Professor of Acoustic Engineering at the University of Salford, UK, introduces the great Stalacpipe Organ in Virgina, USA. By tapping stalactites with mallets, it claims to be the world's largest natural musical instrument.


– Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 15 seconds

The First Earth Day

From the Pacific Radio From the Vault series.  Audio from the very first Earth Day in New York 1970.


From the site:


"We’ll begin with Pete Seeger from the Main stage at Union Square in Manhattan, singing with Reverend Frederick Douglas Kirkpatrick. Then, a WBAI reporter with a portable recorder will happen upon Allen Ginsberg sitting in a lotus position holding a daisy amongst the thousands of Earth Day participants… later, Ginsberg would address the masses from the stage, as would Margaret Meade and Odetta."


Playtime: 28 minutes 11 seconds

AD Exclusive! Up The Cally audio and interview

Francesca Panetta talks to AudioDocumentary.Org

A sound rich journey down one of London's arterial roads, Caledonian Road, from The Guardian. Up The Cally is an engaging mix of local characters, narrator, music and sound. Plus it's available as a clickable map and audio slideshow

In an exclusive interview with, the producer, Francesca Panetta tells how making the piece has affected her.

Since this interview was recorded, Francesca has won Britain's highest award for audio, the Sony Gold Award, for Best Internet Programme Europe



Playtime: 40 minutes 29 seconds

Slow Moving Suspense: Waiting for the ooze

A Conch (Key West resident) is helpless to do anything but wait for the impending ick.


Playtime: 5 minutes


Environment, Bad News, Fish

The Lough's Breath

An enveloping tour of the largest inland body of water in the British Isles, Lough Neagh. Tom Lawrence guides you on his adventures around the lake, with a modest manner that allows the richness of the environment reach out and grab you by the ears. From Touch Radio.


Audio Documentary Europe


Playtime: 29 minutes 5 seconds

Trucker Alex: North of Nowhere

A simple, surprising and vivid account of driving a truck to the oil outposts in Canada's far north. 

From the CBC's ever-fruitful And The Winner Is podcast. 


Audio Documentary Europe



Playtime: 27 minutes 29 seconds


Sound Rich, Environment

Not so slick PR

A girl of Mexican origin in New Zealand is less than impressed with BPs public relations efforts, and phones up Mikey Havoc on Auckland radio station 95 bFM to find out more.  


Audio Documentary Europe


Playtime: 7 minutes 11 seconds
Date: August, 2010

Heard long ago, and never heard

A man describes having a cochlear implant and hearing birdsong for the first time; another recalls the sounds of Britain during World War II. Two items in BBC Radio 4's take on citizen journalism, iPM. 


Audio Documentary Europe


Playtime: 24 minutes
Date: September, 2010

Colour Matters


Colour Matters is a series of seven programmes about… colours. It was broadcast in 2005 on RTÉ, in Ireland, and the colours are at times seen through the filters of domestic sports – along with many other European and universal views: artistic, psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual. And with some catchy songs chucked in for good value.


Connor Walsh, for AD, Brussels. 


Listen by colour:

Red White Yellow Green

Blue  Orange  Black



Playtime: 27 minutes

Canopy Beat

An edited, non-narrated journey though the Amazon rain forests, from Silence Radio.


Connor Walsh for AD, Brussels


Playtime: 27 minutes 53 seconds

Fading away

The people of Ireland's capital, Dublin, are mourning the loss of a sound. Broadcaster Olivia O'Leary doesn't say quite outright what it is, while author Joseph O'Connor paints a time-picture. And for context, this contributor discovers the same, mysterious, sound, 18 months before.


Connor Walsh, AD, London.


Music Planet

Music Planet is an eight hour series recorded in the field, hearing the music that ties people to their local traditions. Designed to accompany a landmark BBC TV series, episode one of Music Planet includes much recording in canoes, including a shark hunt. The musicians are interviewed and perform in context, rather than a studio or off CD. The result is engaging and vivid.


Two more episodes are due to be broadcast. 


Connor Walsh, AD, London


Playtime: 59 minutes

Cyclone Yasi hits Australia

Tropical Cyclone Yasi has hit Australia. The build-up was nerve-wracking, as could be heard on local radio ABC Brisbane – listen to them recovering in real-time here. Not long after it had passed, ABC News Radio interviewed this man in his home. It's a picture of Australia weathering the storm.  

Image: NASA Goddard Photo and Video.

Connor Walsh, AD, London.


Date: February, 2011

A Workin' on the Whalin' O

An engaging insight into the grim world of rural life and whaling in the mid-20th century. In the late 1980s, New Zealander Dan Bergin recounted his tough working life, to producer Jack Perkins. Perkins has himself recently retired, and this story is part of a retrospective on his work.

Connor Walsh, AD, London.


Playtime: 26 minutes 41 seconds

All About Sound

Week in week out, Definitely Not the Opera on CBC Radio 1 engages with two hours of stories and music. This episode is particularly strong. It's all about… sound. Sound sound sound. And no music! You'll hear some familiar voices and names from entries too. The stories told vary from funny though to quite upsetting. 

Connor Walsh, AD, London


Playtime: 1 hour 11 minutes 16 seconds

Jules Verne's Volcano

A living volcano, the edge of the American tectonic plate, a glacier, boiling mud, Sigur Ros, writers, painters, and Britain's finest natural sound recordist. Jules Verne's Volcano goes to Iceland with Chris Watson, a man who loves the sound of the place. 

There's drama, humour, and bucket loads of awe, in the finest BBC radio feature of 2011 so far. Must-listen.

Connor Walsh, AD, London


Playtime: 30 minutes

Angry Birds 3D

James Aldred is on a mission, in the jungles of Brazil, with a catapult. It's him, a tree, and a very big, very strong, very protective eagle. The result is an almost real-time adventure to install a TV camera in the eagle's nest. James and the Giant Eagle is a sound-rich, vivid and engaging BBC Radio 4 programme. 

Photo: Michael Schamis on Flickr.


Playtime: 28 minutes

Forest to Desert

Forest to Desert by Sarah Boothroyd

Forest to Desert is described best by the producer Sarah Boothroyd: 'An audio doodle about this phrase: "Humankind is preceded by forest, and followed by desert."' Great use of natural, found and sampled sound, composed together to clearly follow that brief. Produced for and featured in the Third Coast Festival's Short Docs Radio Ephemera Challenge in 2008.


Playtime: 2 minutes 35 seconds

The Dialogue Project

The Dialogue Project does what it says on the tin – dialogues, usually between the producer Karl James and one interviewee, on personal, passionate, or intimate topics. The results are beautiful, and span a range of topics from this French astronaut talking about our world, to two people's very different expereince of being caned, to the death of a child



Sex, Interview, Environment, Death

Less Swedish, Please!

SR c is an outlet for experimental and creative radio, nestled in the heart of Sweden's public radio broadcaster, which is called Swedish Radio. The main site has an enormous amount of content, but also a link in the top left that asks for "Less Swedish, please!", which opens this new page – other languages, including English, Non-verbal, and, of course, Sound Carpets. There's much to enjoy here. Dive in. 


Earth is a solar-powered juke box

People talk about silence on the radio – and it's surprisingly effective. Gordon Hempton is a nature sound recordist, behind the "One Square Inch of Silence" project. The spiritual aspect to Gordon's view of the great forests is very present, and adds to the reflective sense of the programme. There are also some more standalone field recordings on the programme webpage.


Playtime: 59 minutes

Seven Things I Learned While Sound Mapping a City

Field report from the Quiet Streets installation in Bath, part of the Cities and Memories Project.


Contribute Ambient Sounds for New Composition "Soundwalk 9:09"

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (in collaboration with composer John Luther Adams) is seeking sounds collected between their historic location at 5th Avenue and 82nd Street and their new wing at 75th and Madison for a commemorative composition.