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Darwin Turns 200

NPR is running a series on Darwin for his 200th birthday.  Talk of the Nation had his Grandson on Feb.  And last week there was a piece on his early years on Weekend Edition Sunday.


Playtime: 10 minutes 22 seconds


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New Radio Lab Podcast

"Darwin has never had a majority."
At no time has a majority of the American public believed in the theory of evolution.  Darwin says we are animals.  People don't like that.

This is a fantastic podcast.


Program: Radiolab
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From Father to Fatherhood on a Secluded Irish Island

AD fan Connor Walsh sent this piece from News Talk 106-108 in Dublin.  Boy becomes priest.  Boy doesn't like being a priest. Boy becomes hermit.  Boy meets girl hermit living nearby.  Hermits get married.  Hermits have kids.  Kids don't go to school.



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Nerds in the Hood

PRI doc about people on the mean streets who, in spite of that, manage to achieve.  I just love the title.


On Bob Dylan: "His is an art of the ear not the eye"

This is really great if you are a Dylan fan.  A BU poetry professor in 2001 at a joint appearance with Bob Dylan.  It's really interesting to hear a poetry prof analyzing Dylan Lyrics.  The clipped British accent makes it even better.

"Boston University Professor Christopher Ricks discussed the poetry inherent in Bob Dylan's songs. Professor Ricks is an authority on the works of T.S. Eliot, Samuel Beckett, and A.E. Houseman."


Playtime: 52 minutes 29 seconds
Date: March, 2001


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Mormons Educating Indians

This is from a recent episode of Third Coast Festival's Re:Sound.  The third segmant is about how Mormons - who believe Native American Indians are a lost tribe of Israel - took 20,000 Indian children from their reservations and brainwashed them - and how some of them might have been happy to go along with it.


[Story starts a little before 15:00]


Date: May, 2009

Music in Cork Prison

In contrast to the American Penal system.  RTE Radio's Documentary on One has this piece about music lessons in Cork prison.



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Story Corps: Guy who desinged the 50 state flag

He did it as a high school project.  His teacher gave him a B- ...until the president called.  It's a 2 minute story with four minutes of music after it.  Weird.


Soundprint: Teaching in the Digital Age

Soundprint looks at the burgeoning realm of high tech teaching.



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Soundprint: Cheating in College

From the site:  "Producer Jean Snedegar visits faculty and students at Duke, the University of Virginia, and other colleges to discover the underside of higher learning."



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BBC Environmental Road Trip

The BBC's weekly environmental programme, One Planet, goes on an American road-trip. The Englishmen see big cars, generous people, and the inventor of lithium-ion batteries. All on the road to Copenhagen.

- Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 27 minutes 2 seconds
Date: November, 2009

Grand Art

Taking performance art to the level of a stunt, as much as a project. Ronan Kelly details provocative arts works that caused a public stir, in Sweden, Ireland, and the UK.

- Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 16 minutes 18 seconds

Dissecting Christmas Dinner

The Naked Scientists of Cambridge dissect a chicken – a simple, factual item that pleases and engages. The link points to the complete hour long programme, which is well worth a listen, while the roast-bird item starts 39 minutes in.

– Audio Documentary London Bureau


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The Great Textbook War

Long before the Tea Party movement, the hills of West Virginia were echoing with a cultural clash over textbook content. This 2010 Peabody Award Winner comes from American Radio Works and was produced by Terry Kay and edited by Deborah George.


A Woman of No Consequence

Marking International Woman's Day, "A Woman of No Consequence" from the CBC. Told in a simple manner, this story is at times sad, at times reaffirming. The ordinarly-extraordinary story and sonic qualities of the protagonist's voice lift it above a straightforward interview, to something musical and moving.


Connor Walsh, AD, London. 


When An Angel Passes

An update on AudioDocumentary.Org's exclusive blogging of London's radio features shindig last week. Clocks & Clouds was great. The speakers were delightful, and so were their selections of audio. I came away with lots of good new places to look for interesting documentaries, and will be sharing those with you here over the next few weeks. To start us off, When An Angel Passes, a delicious montage of the passion for great radio, by some of its greatest practitioners, which premiered at the conference. Outside the scheduled sessions, producers paid and unpaid, students formal and informal mingled and learned from one another. It was also good to see staff from the BBC World Service, where hundreds of redundancies have been announced, escaping that worry for a day of positivity and encouragement. 

Connor Walsh, AD, London



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Long Form for Short Attention Spans

Some of the masters of long form story telling were on hand at The New School in NYC for a panel hosted by Pro Publica. I watched the first 45 seconds. It was okay. Just kidding. They promise to have the whole video posted today sometime. So put down your smart phone, get off facebook, stop your tweeting and listen, whippersnappers. In the mean time I found it here:


Date: March, 2011