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The time is nigh!

The New Yorker's Ben McGrath talks about how the financial collapse relates to the end of the world as we know it...and he feels fine.


Program: New Yorker
Playtime: 10 minutes 20 seconds
Date: January, 2009

NY Times: 82% of Job Losses Are Men, Women to Overtake Men in the Workforce

Check out the audio interview of the NY times's CATHERINE RAMPELL that accompanies the article.


Praying for the Auto Industry

From Rueters:  An audio slideshow on a church service entitled "A Hybrid Hope" at the Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, Michigan December 7, 2008.


Producer: Carlos Barria

Housing Spark Burns Economy

Leonard Lopate talks to John Tallbott, the guy who predicted the housing crash.  He now says things will get worse.  He also says players in the financial system -- not the government or consumers -- are at fault.  There has been lots on the economy but this guy has a unique perspective.  Dire.

"This is a dead cat.  This is not bouncing [back]."


Program: Leonard Lopate
Date: February, 2009


Money, Economy, American Issues

Slide Show: Life in Haiti

A powerful slide show from Ruxandra Guidi for the International Reporting Project at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International studies.


Producer: Ruxandra Guidi
Playtime: 7 minutes 45 seconds


Politics, Economy

What Poverty?

Ever wonder why politicians these days always talk about helping the Middle Class but not about helping the poor?  FDR sought to lift Americans out of poverty.  LBJ had a War on Poverty.  So what happened?  NPR Daniel Schorr considers the question in this commentary.


Program: All Things Considered
Playtime: 2 minutes 31 seconds

Sign of the Times: Gold Parties

Like a tuperware party for gold, kind of.  A party where you leave with more money that when you came.


Producer: Ronni Radbill
Program: Marketplace


Money, Economy

American Radio Works Revisits the New Deal

Some history of the public works projects of FDR's New Deal.



Economy, American Issues


In this long form audio doc, the Stanley Foundation's take on India's contradictions as a rapidly developing nation which after the Mumbai 26-11 attacks, finds itself with increasingly first world problem.




New This American Life Espisode 382: The Watchmen

This American Life returns to the financial crisis again this week, holding its own "hearings" to get to the bottom of things.


Program: This American Life


Politics, Money, Economy

Planet Money Controversy

This is audio of part of an interview Planet Money's Adam Davidson did with TARP watchdog Elizabeth Warren.  It features Warren and Davidson going at it pretty heatedly about what Warren's role should be.  The interview subsequently illicited this apology (at about 1:50) in which someone hinted that Davidson's interview was sexist ( he wouldn't have spoken with Tim Geithner like that) and then this scolding by NPR's Ombudsman.  All of which made the interview all that much more interesting and people.  I am sure it is the most even listened to Podcast from Planet money.


"Short People Got No Reason..."

An interview with a tall woman about a book she wrote about tall and the fact that tall people make more money.  That begs a question they did not address:  How much of the pay discrepancy between men and women can be ascribe to height - and vice versa.



Money, Gender, Economy

BBC: Why is Africa Poor?

New BBC doc.  Incidentally, has anyone else noticed that the BBC player volume goes to 11?




Marketplace: Gold Digging Goes Mainstream?

For men, more $$ = more dates - at least in online dating.


Columbia Business School behavioral economist who used to run a speed dating service:  "Yes if you want to put it very coarsely - and maybe you shouldn't put this on the air - the gold digger stereotype holds true."

On the other hand "There is no amount of money that will make an undesirable women attractive on these sites."

Ah, romance...



Sex, Money, Gender, Economy

Two from BBC: Saving in China -- New Media in Kashmir

#1  "Average savings rates in China stand at around 30% and, as Chris Hogg discovers, most of that money is spent on health care."

#2 Citizen Journalism:  The wide availablity of cell phone video has changed the face of conflict and communication in Kashmir



Violence, Technology, Economy

The Mall: Heart Failure for Cities

Link to Hearing Voices' post of the Radio Lab rebroadcast of a Hearing Voices piece that played on Living on Earth in 2005.

City X by Johnathan Mitchell.
The familiar story of a small Midwestern city, its mall, and the most common cause of city death - heart disease.



Money, Economy, American Issues

Dumpster Diving as a Career

The epitome of a resourceful, green-friendly small business owner.  Behold the professional dumpster diver as capitalist.


Date: September, 2009


Environment, Economy

WUNC's "The Story"

This is a great show from WUNC.  This episode features a story (about 3/5 of the way through) from a son who witnessed his father, in order to support the family, getting the heck beat out him, in a carnival boxing match, for $25.  Talk about hard times.



Sports, Interview, History, Economy

Occupy London Stock Exchange (Updated)

The Occupy movement has spread to London, where the nearest open lcoation to the stock exchange is in front of St Paul's Cathedral. Two clergymen have resigned over how the tents and protestors have been dealt with. It's being reported outside the mainstream media by the likes of student radio station SOAS Radio (Part 2 is here) and citizen journalists including The Shout (in multiple Audioboos).


Playtime: 6 minutes 24 seconds
Date: October, 2011