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FROM THE VAULT: No-Hitter of Acid

Just happened upon this nugget that aired on Weekend America this past Spring. It's a story about a Doc Ellis who pitch a no-hitter on LSD in the 70's. Wouldn't that technically be a one-hitter?

Doc Ellis passed away this past week.


Producer: Neille Ilel and Donnell Alexander
Program: Weekend America
Date: March, 2008


Drugs, Weird, Sports

David Lee "Diamond Dave" Roth Soundboard

If you know Van Halen you might get it.  If you know Running with the Devil you will probably get it.  If you have heard the "vocal only" version of Runnin' then you will definitely get it.  Just for fun the David Lee Roth Runnin' with the Devil soundboard.  Ahhhyaaah Yaaaah!!


Producer: Diamon Dave
Program: The Internets



"Weird Howling Madness"

That is what the creator of this crazy sound from the website Sound Snap calls it.  Just a fun sound for your (and Michael Phelps's) listening enjoyment.


Producer: Rob Bridgett


Weird, Drugs

Tijuana Art Scene

From a show that NPR has canceled - Day to Day - the story of the Tijuana art scene and a gallery in a former drug tunnel.


Producer: Jason Beaubien
Program: Day to Day
Playtime: 4 minutes 39 seconds
Date: February, 2009


Immigration, Drugs, Art

From the Vault: Last of the New York Flop Houses [RealAudio Player required]

Heard about this from

Awarding-winning doc. $10 a month flop house on the Bowery - one of the last - profiled on All Things Considered by Story Corps Founder David Isay.


Playtime: 22 minutes 30 seconds
Date: September, 1998


History, Drugs, Crime

Transom: Matthew offers up a stunning monologue. Matthew is engaging, moving, and dynamic. Includes some sexual references.


– Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 18 minutes 45 seconds

420 Radio

Okay... in "honor" of April 20th -- 420 Radio.  Stoned out people doing radio.  Suprisingly high production quality.  Don't think.  Listen.  Enjoy.  Hilarious.  Colorado based.  I'd quote it but there are just so many great ones.



Weird, Radio, Drugs

What Phish Sounds Like To People Who Don't Like Phish

I am going to go ahead and say this qualifies as audio documentary. Hilarious and also brilliant in the vein of Revolution #9 or Zappa.


Ebert On Dylan

via John Barth @PRX



Music, Interview, History, Film, Drugs

WBUR David Foster Wallace Interview From 1996 Unearthed

Also, scroll down to the bottom for a fascinating first-hand account of DFW in rehab with the folks upon whom Infinite Jest's characters were based.