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The perils of "Massage Therapy"

A story about how massage therapy can be a dangerous business - in ways that you never would imagine.

"My family is saying there's probably mafia on both sides of this case. You need to get a gun."



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Land of the Free

Excerpt: "For the first time in history, more than one in every 100 American adults is behind bars. For black men between the ages of 20 and 34, that figure is one in nine. Our incarceration rate dwarfs that of every other nation, but our overall crime rate is average for Western countries."


Program: Talking History


Crime, Race, American Issues

The Tragedy of Juarez

This is a haunting profile of the troubled city of Juarez, Mexico - just across the U.S. border.  Done by the great Scott Carrier, Salt Lake City resident and long time This American Life contributor.  There is no better voice in Public Radio than Carrier's. That is unless you count the cowboy in this story.


Producer: Scott Carrier
Program: Hearing Voices
Playtime: 52 minutes
Date: January, 2009

Crazed Chimp Audio

Here is the audio of that 911 call to the police in North Stamford Connecticut.  A disturbing, profound clip and an historic moment in audio documentary history.



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New This American Life Espisode 381: Turncoat

Main story is about a radical activist who starts spying on his fellow activists for the FBI.


Nerds in the Hood

PRI doc about people on the mean streets who, in spite of that, manage to achieve.  I just love the title.



Connor Walsh alerts us to this great report from the BBC about pirates - including first hand audio of rasnom negotiations.

Walsh Says:
"Yes, it's more newsy than we might be used to but it's got great actualities, excitement and drama."

Agreed.  It's a good one.



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From the Vault: Last of the New York Flop Houses [RealAudio Player required]

Heard about this from

Awarding-winning doc. $10 a month flop house on the Bowery - one of the last - profiled on All Things Considered by Story Corps Founder David Isay.


Playtime: 22 minutes 30 seconds
Date: September, 1998


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Female Punk Thai Forensic Scientist Takes on the System

Her "spiky red hair" - done by Thailand's top hair dresser - protects her.   She says the Thai police hate her after she took them on in some high profile cases - even implicating the police themselves in some cases.


Playtime: 22 minutes 34 seconds
Date: June, 2009


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BBC Doc on Male Victims of Domestic Violence

Just came across this BBC doc from February that shines a light on a issue that is not often taken seriously.

"Since it's difficult to accept the the idea of male victims, those suffering from domestic abuse can find themselves wrongly accused as the abuser."

Doc features a male victim who was arrested 23 times in one year.



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The Gates Audio

9-11 call about famously arrested Harvard Professor Henery Lous Gates Jr.  The police dispatch is here too.



About the U.S. Government policy prosecuting terrorist before they strike or...  punishing people before they are guilty er... stopping the gonna-be-guilty while they are still innocent... talking people into doing bad things then arresting them for considering doing them.  Let's call it "entrapment."


But seriously, the subject of this story is hard to feel sorry for.


Stuck in Folsom Prison

In the wake of a big Chino, California prison riot, NPR goes to Folsom Prison.  Once a model for prisons around the country, Folsom has degenerated into a "pressure cooker" that does nothing but prepare prisoners for more crime.  The prison population has exploded in recent years and there is not enough money.

Now, a federal court has ordered California to cut the prison population by 25%.  They also look to cut $1.2 billion from the corrections budget.



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UPDATED February 2010.


A deeply engaging and disturbing feature on "survivors" – individuals who have survived solitary confinement in American prisons. 

Photo by Terry Foss, from

Claire Schoen did a shorter version of this piece for Day to Day (a show NPR canceled earlier this year).  It has 9 former prisoners describing their experiences with solitary confinement. Listen here.


Producer: Claire Schoen
Playtime: 28 minutes 58 seconds


Law, Crime, American Issues

American Radio Works: Life After Prison (Real Audio)

From the website:

"After an historic, generation-long prison expansion, American prisons are now releasing more than 600,000 inmates each year. The punishment doesn't end at the prison gates. On the outside, ex-prisoners face tattered connections to family and more closed doors. They also pose a challenge for the places they go home to"


Music in Cork Prison

In contrast to the American Penal system.  RTE Radio's Documentary on One has this piece about music lessons in Cork prison.



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How to Disappear in the Digital Age

On the Media reports on a Wired story that tries to find out.  And if you can find who they disappeared, you could win $5000.



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Did Texas Execute an Innocent Man?

There has never been a proven case of an innocent person getting the death penalty.  The case of Cameron Todd Willingham, executed in Texas in 2004, may become the first.


Hearing Scott Carrier, Neil Young, and Charles Bowden

Hearing Voices piece hosted by Scott Carrier.  With perhaps one of the most captivating voices ever put to tape -- Writer Charles Bowden reads his haunting prose in his haunting voice with haunting Neil Young music in the background.




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New York is Safer Now. What's a Crime Writer to do?

To find what remains of the gritty New York, NPR takes the Ikea ferry to Red Hook?  Maybe they can find one of those gritty French fusion restaurants that make their own cheese - Chez Gritte?
Kidding aside, a cool story about the history of Red Hook, Brooklyn -- and a broad look at the direction of present Brooklyn.



New York, History, Death, Crime

In His Sights

A revealing and upsetting interview with a woman who has been stalked by one man for fifteen years. The story, which includes aggression and threat, starts in June 1994, and continues up to today. 


- Audio Documentary London Bureau 


Playtime: 18 minutes 30 seconds


A Radio Rookies story, painting a strong picture of a teen in New York who hits his family.

- Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 14 minutes 52 seconds

Pirate Radio London

Short documentary about contemporary pirate radio in London.



Radio, Crime

Choosing Castration

An extraordinary series of interview about men who've volunteered for chemical castration. In one possibly upsetting interview, a sex offender discusses how he chose it, and life now. Also, a man who was not a sex offender but physically castrated himself to reduce his testosterone fuelled aggression.  


– Audio Documentary London Bureau


Playtime: 52 minutes 12 seconds

The kids today have it easy…

The age old story – young versus old. An up-front and considerate look at teens and the elderly not quite getting along in South London.

From Reprezent's Radio Peckham's youth radio project.


Audio Documentary Europe


Playtime: 19 minutes 33 seconds


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Not so slick PR

A girl of Mexican origin in New Zealand is less than impressed with BPs public relations efforts, and phones up Mikey Havoc on Auckland radio station 95 bFM to find out more.  


Audio Documentary Europe


Playtime: 7 minutes 11 seconds
Date: August, 2010

Life as a crime scene cleaner-upper

After detectives pick up clues, who picks up all the, uh...other stuff? It's not a job for the faint of heart.


Playtime: 16 minutes 55 seconds


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Freedom Bonds

Inside the world of bail bonds. Should you ever get arrested, they come to your rescue. Produced by Jeanette Woods at the Duke Center for Documentary Studies Summer Workshop.


Playtime: 8 minutes 57 seconds


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No Brother of Mine

Winner of a 2011 Edward R. Murrow Regional Award, an unflinching look at U.S. sex offender policies.


Playtime: 54 minutes 1 second


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London, heard from above.

Sending a radio producer out with the cops for a night may be a trope, but with good reason. In Night Visions, BBC Radio 4 sent a poet out with London's police helicopter for a night. Police, helicopters, London – the result is a delicious contrast with the TV broadcasts of the London riots last summer. 


Playtime: 29 minutes


Sound Rich, poetry, History, Crime

Splash! AD Contributor Wins Edward R. Murrow Award curator, contributor, co-editor Rich Halten has won an Edward R. Murrow award for his haunting documentary Splash (renamed for broadcast). This proves that Rich is just as talented at producing radio as he is at finding great stuff to share on AD. Congrats Rich!



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Raw Audio Of Aurora Shooting Police/Fire Dispatch


What is LBJ admitting here?

I'm not completely sure but he was apparently drinking beer in a car that nearly had an accident...