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Weakened America


American Public Media's weekly 2-hour radio show has been canceled amid deep budget cuts. Tough times for public radio.



Bad News

Dubai: Cool Sand Beaches

Dubai has found yet another over-the-top way to use energy with reckless abandon. It's like Las Vegas on crack.


Program: Morning Edition
Playtime: 27 seconds
Date: December, 2008


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The Pacific Ocean's Giant floating Garbage Dump

"In the Central North Pacific, plastic outweighs surface zooplankton 6 to 1."


Program: the Leonard Lopate Show
Playtime: 23 minutes
Date: January, 2009


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Army Suicides Outpace Combat Deaths.

NPR reports that Army suicides in January were the highest since they started counting (1980).


Program: All Things Considered

Billboards That See You?

On The Media reports that billboards that see you are in the works.

Did you know?  Billboards are illegal in the state of Vermont?  Hence, its reputation for beautiful scenery.


Program: On the Media


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Dolphin killing in Japan

How Flipper spured an international obsession with dolphins, swimming with dolphins, and places like Seaworld which, in turn, supports a multi-million dollar industry that slaughters dolphins.


Bill Moyers: Hate Radio

Chilling story from Bill Moyers Journal about "right-wing" talk radio.


Stuck in Folsom Prison

In the wake of a big Chino, California prison riot, NPR goes to Folsom Prison.  Once a model for prisons around the country, Folsom has degenerated into a "pressure cooker" that does nothing but prepare prisoners for more crime.  The prison population has exploded in recent years and there is not enough money.

Now, a federal court has ordered California to cut the prison population by 25%.  They also look to cut $1.2 billion from the corrections budget.



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Slow Moving Suspense: Waiting for the ooze

A Conch (Key West resident) is helpless to do anything but wait for the impending ick.


Playtime: 5 minutes


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Freedom From Fear

Aung San Suu Kyi has turned 65, still under house arrest, 20 years after being elected Prime Minister of Burma. This profile of her captures her symbolism, strength and beauty, in both content and form.


Audio Documentary Europe


Playtime: 22 minutes 41 seconds

Not so slick PR

A girl of Mexican origin in New Zealand is less than impressed with BPs public relations efforts, and phones up Mikey Havoc on Auckland radio station 95 bFM to find out more.  


Audio Documentary Europe


Playtime: 7 minutes 11 seconds
Date: August, 2010

Mine rescue, 1936

As the world's media watches the rescue of trapped miners in Chile, we look back to 1936, when the Canadian Radio Commission reported for six days the attempts to rescue three men trapped in a mine at Moose River, Nova Scotia. A selection of the reports, from the CBC Archives. 


Audio Documentary Europe


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A Matter of Life and Death

What happens when a philosophy professor is suddenly confronted with questions about his own life and death? The third in a series from the Duke Center for Documentary Studies summer workshop.


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Cyclone Yasi hits Australia

Tropical Cyclone Yasi has hit Australia. The build-up was nerve-wracking, as could be heard on local radio ABC Brisbane – listen to them recovering in real-time here. Not long after it had passed, ABC News Radio interviewed this man in his home. It's a picture of Australia weathering the storm.  

Image: NASA Goddard Photo and Video.

Connor Walsh, AD, London.


Date: February, 2011

Energizer Flickering LED Candle Lights Review

Energizer LED Candle Review by beschizza

The Energizer Flickering LED Candle Lights moved Boingboing reviewer Rob Beschizza so much he could express his feelings only through audio. His feelings are clear…


Playtime: 1 minute 58 seconds


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Last Lennon Interview

December 5, 1980, John Lennon did a radio interview for RKO. It aired three days later, hours before he he was shot and killed outside the Dakota. Here are excerpts from what is said to be Lennon's last interview.


RIP Christopher Hitchens

The indomitable contrarian Christopher Hitchens said "This profane marriage between tawdry media hype and medieval superstition gave birth to an icon which few have since had the poor taste to question," about MOTHER TERESA.  About his own cancer: "All of the cheer-up stories I'm afraid have made me an esophageal cancer snob."

Hitchens died yesterday at 62. Here is last year's All Things Considered interview.



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