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Audio Doc on Freedom of Expression in SE Asia to play on BBC

This should be interesting.  I know in Vietnam, there are instances of lines being crossed (or trying not to cross).  Often, it's not the politcal things that a westerner would expect but maybe just a strong sense of pride or tradition.  And the standards can vary depending on who is delivering the message. Vietnamese people will tell you straight, there is not freedom of the press here - it goes through the Ministry of Culture.  It's a matter of fact.  I find, frankly that people don't expect to be able to say whatever they want.   Could that be considered more respectful toward the power of words?

David Maxon AD - Hanoi



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The Origins of Rhythm

A short item that encompasses its message though all the sound, not just the speech. The text, here, likewise talks about audio (the production) and audio (the rhythm). The story is from a master tabla player.

Connor Walsh, AD, London. 


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New Sounds of China

The history of underground music in China – with a skip through classic pop to today's rap, rock, and avant-garde. Mixing the music, interviews, and the perspective of a Beijinger, a British music journalist, and old China-hands. Episode one of a new series takes you safely to somewhere new. Also available for stations to buy on PRX.

Connor Walsh, AD, London


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A Woman of No Consequence

Marking International Woman's Day, "A Woman of No Consequence" from the CBC. Told in a simple manner, this story is at times sad, at times reaffirming. The ordinarly-extraordinary story and sonic qualities of the protagonist's voice lift it above a straightforward interview, to something musical and moving.


Connor Walsh, AD, London. 


Pearl Harbor News on the Radio

Radio Days' collection of the news breaking on various radio stations. In one, the operator seizes the phone line during a live broadcast from Honolulu (which the announcer pronounces HOE-nah-lu-lu).


North Korean Radio in English

Via Shortwaveology these incredible recordings of English broadcasts from behind the North Korean information blackout.



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Clearing The Killing Fields

An Irishman rejects a conventional life to save lives and limbs in the most mined country in the world.


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Give Me Your Answer Do

This American Life's gutsy and thorough, 1-hour redaction of their wildly popular episode "Mr. Daisey Goes to the Apple Factory." An insightful and probing meditation on the difference between fact and fiction. TAL lays out its own mistakes nakedly and outlines everything they can discern about the story's truth or falsity.


You can hear the original story (removed from the TAL website) here.



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