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Those Are Some Killer Whales

First hand story about being a Killer Whale biologist with some really killer whale sounds.  Did you know some people find whales sexy?




Producer: Ari Daniel Shapiro
Playtime: 8 minutes 57 seconds


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Vintage This American Life (Episode 228. Originally aired 01.03.2003)

For Valentines Day, this funny take on love.  Starts by pondering the (unfair?) disarming effect of those three little words.

Also meet a woman with a very deep love for her parrot.  But her kids hate, and are terrified by the menacing bird.


Program: This American Life
Date: January, 2003



Crazed Chimp Audio

Here is the audio of that 911 call to the police in North Stamford Connecticut.  A disturbing, profound clip and an historic moment in audio documentary history.



Death, Crime, Animals

BBC: David Attenborough Interview

BBC interview with David Attenborough legendary host and voice of British nature programs [er, programmes].


Producer: BBC
Program: The Interview
Playtime: 25 minutes 30 seconds


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New Radio Lab Podcast

"Darwin has never had a majority."
At no time has a majority of the American public believed in the theory of evolution.  Darwin says we are animals.  People don't like that.

This is a fantastic podcast.


Program: Radiolab
Playtime: 27 minutes 28 seconds

Llama Song!!

See how many times you can listen to this without losing your mind.



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Green Mountain Donkey Ball

Donkey basketball audio slide show from the New York Times.



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Illegal Beekeeping NYC

NYTimes Audio slide show on rooftop beekeeping on the sly.


Dolphin killing in Japan

How Flipper spured an international obsession with dolphins, swimming with dolphins, and places like Seaworld which, in turn, supports a multi-million dollar industry that slaughters dolphins.


Gator Hater

From the Duke Center for Documentary Studies, a cautionary tale about exotic pets.



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The Waterford Hunt

Fox hunting on horseback, with hounds, is alive in cold, wet Ireland. The Irish Times have produced this engaging audio slideshow on the Waterford Hunt. 


- Audio Documentary London Bureau.


Playtime: 2 minutes 59 seconds


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Visit the South Pole

Britain's most renowned natural sound recordist, Chris Watson, has been to Antarctica. In this enhanced podcast, he provides just enough details to set the scene – and then lets the sounds bring you there. Some of the most engrossing audio you'll hear.

– Audio Documentary London Bureau 


Playtime: 50 minutes 21 seconds

Every man for himself

Chicago writer Bill Hillman puts you in the middle of the every-man-for-himself chaos of Pamplona's running of the bulls. A recent winner in the Edward R. Murrow Awards for electronic journalism.


Playtime: 8 minutes 17 seconds


Violence, Sound Rich, Animals

Summer cooler: A frozen treat for the ears

An atmospheric immersion in the land of the midnight sun with the locals who learn to love the darkness.



Sound Rich, Animals

The Birdie Song

The artist Marcus Coates recorded the dawn chorus in English woodlands; he then slowed down the recordings, and filmed human singers perform the newly approachable songs in everyday English settings. Then, he speeded the footage back up again.  The sound is extraordianary – and in this case, so is the video. 


Audio Documentary Europe


Playtime: 5 minutes 40 seconds

Canopy Beat

An edited, non-narrated journey though the Amazon rain forests, from Silence Radio.


Connor Walsh for AD, Brussels


Playtime: 27 minutes 53 seconds


A road trip with no agenda leads to discovery and a peaceful ending. The last in a series from the Duke Center for Documentary Studies 2010 Summer Workshop.


Playtime: 12 minutes 1 second

A Workin' on the Whalin' O

An engaging insight into the grim world of rural life and whaling in the mid-20th century. In the late 1980s, New Zealander Dan Bergin recounted his tough working life, to producer Jack Perkins. Perkins has himself recently retired, and this story is part of a retrospective on his work.

Connor Walsh, AD, London.


Playtime: 26 minutes 41 seconds

Angry Birds 3D

James Aldred is on a mission, in the jungles of Brazil, with a catapult. It's him, a tree, and a very big, very strong, very protective eagle. The result is an almost real-time adventure to install a TV camera in the eagle's nest. James and the Giant Eagle is a sound-rich, vivid and engaging BBC Radio 4 programme. 

Photo: Michael Schamis on Flickr.


Playtime: 28 minutes

Forest to Desert

Forest to Desert by Sarah Boothroyd

Forest to Desert is described best by the producer Sarah Boothroyd: 'An audio doodle about this phrase: "Humankind is preceded by forest, and followed by desert."' Great use of natural, found and sampled sound, composed together to clearly follow that brief. Produced for and featured in the Third Coast Festival's Short Docs Radio Ephemera Challenge in 2008.


Playtime: 2 minutes 35 seconds

The Game of Kings

The Game of Kings by Soundrich

During the late 19th Century, New York tycoons created the first U.S. polo club in their Newport, Rhode Island summer retreat. Today the sport endures, steeped in tradition -- with one noticeable exception. Produced by Jim Pontarelli and another in a series from the 2011 summer audio retreat at Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies.


Playtime: 5 minutes 25 seconds


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the Scared is scared

the Scared is scared from Bianca Giaever on Vimeo.

Bianca Giaever asks a kid what she should make a movie about. [Via]


Playtime: 7 minutes 52 seconds


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Singing Mice

Just that. Actual singing mice.



Animals, Science, Music

Third Coast Short Doc Winners

All five 2013 Short Doc Winners and even a people's choice.



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