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added april 3, 2012

The Listening Project

The BBC clones the popular StoryCorps series, listening in on intimate conversations with interesting people. Beryl and Graham's chat is a good place to start eavesdropping.


Playtime: 3 minutes



added march 26, 2012

Supreme Court Audio: Health Care

Supreme Court Afordable Care Act arguements day 1  and day 2 the stunning day 3.

The court has dark comedic moment of levity starting at about 30:00 with reference to Jack Benny's comedy bit "Your money or your life." Here is a link to that historic comedy bit.


Date: March, 2012

added march 23, 2012


Sound artist Anders Dahl "[S]pent 4 years creating this piece of birds and insects and other animals; using only speakers, toys and other mechanical devices."



Technology, Music, Art

added march 16, 2012

Give Me Your Answer Do

This American Life's gutsy and thorough, 1-hour redaction of their wildly popular episode "Mr. Daisey Goes to the Apple Factory." An insightful and probing meditation on the difference between fact and fiction. TAL lays out its own mistakes nakedly and outlines everything they can discern about the story's truth or falsity.


You can hear the original story (removed from the TAL website) here.



Technology, Radio, Interesting, Asia

added march 14, 2012

London, heard from above.

Sending a radio producer out with the cops for a night may be a trope, but with good reason. In Night Visions, BBC Radio 4 sent a poet out with London's police helicopter for a night. Police, helicopters, London – the result is a delicious contrast with the TV broadcasts of the London riots last summer. 


Playtime: 29 minutes


Sound Rich, poetry, History, Crime

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