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added june 15, 2012

Earth is a solar-powered juke box

People talk about silence on the radio – and it's surprisingly effective. Gordon Hempton is a nature sound recordist, behind the "One Square Inch of Silence" project. The spiritual aspect to Gordon's view of the great forests is very present, and adds to the reflective sense of the programme. There are also some more standalone field recordings on the programme webpage.


Playtime: 59 minutes

added june 8, 2012

War with Jonathan Goldstein's Mother

A team of creative types, a radio producer, and a medical interpreter (who happens to be creative at radio) have come together to create a new show – words escape me. It's well named. Episode one admits being influenced by CBC's WireTap, and then gets un-Canadian and competitive about it. Episode two of this radio show is about annoying noises. Very promising.



American Issues

added may 25, 2012

Raise the Wreck of the OBL


It's Friday afternoon. You've had a tooth abscess, are on two types of medication, and are presenting a national talk show in Ireland. And your team gives you an interview with the man who wants $200,000 so he can quickly pop out to the Indian Ocean, pull up Osama Bin Laden's body, and get a $20, 000,000 reward. How do you react?



Playtime: 10 minutes 7 seconds
Date: May, 2012


Weird, Death

added may 11, 2012

Two Enemies, One Heart

A startling moment of compassion amidst the horrors of war. But that's just the beginning of this story with a 20-year arc and suprising conclusion.


Playtime: 43 minutes 40 seconds


History, Violence, Interesting

added may 5, 2012

If a tree falls on the BBC…

Britain's finest radio features production House, Falling Tree Productions, has started posting what audio they legally can, to their website. Falling Tree is frequently the source of beautiful, moving montages on the BBC. Dive into their player in a quiet moment. Listen to the current universal lead item, without knowing that the speaker is known as a musical poet from Wales. 





Sound Rich

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