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added march 24, 2013

Blank On Blank

@blankonblank. Great series from PBS. Repurposing lost audio interviews with simple animation. Awesome.



Multimedia, Interview

added march 15, 2013

VP Biden As Audio Documentarian

From a guy who loves to to talk. I imagine it being pitched to him: "Look Joe, we figured out a way you can just talk away and say whatever you want. You can have your very own podcast!"

Being Biden is a quizzical foray onto soundcloud by the man second in line to be leader of the free world. Go Joe.



American Issues

added march 13, 2013

New Links In 'Links'


Adding 2 new (long overdue) links to the top of our links section (Look to the right. Over there -->)

99% Invisible and Love + Radio are great podcasts. I am not breaking news here. But if you haven't listened to them your really gotta check them out. 

99% Invisible is about design the way that Radiolab is about science. Love + Radio, I am not sure how to describe without sounding stoopid. It's fun and interesting and edgy (see?).

Anyway, I hope you like them in your ears.




Radio, Design

added february 10, 2013

the Scared is scared

the Scared is scared from Bianca Giaever on Vimeo.

Bianca Giaever asks a kid what she should make a movie about. [Via]


Playtime: 7 minutes 52 seconds


Multimedia, Interview, Animals

added september 9, 2012

Stasi and Google Maps

During the Cold War the East German Secret Service (the Stasi) turned listening in on citizens into an art. Today's creative Berliners have turned it into a tourist attraction.


Playtime: 11 minutes 51 seconds



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