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added february 17, 2014

Podcast Present: The Top 10 List of Lists of Top Podcast

Everyone is telling you what to listen too!

The rush of enthusiasm for independent podcasts has cross-pollinated with the listicle zeitgeist. And AD scoured the entire World Wide Web to compile "The Top 10 List of Lists of Top Podcasts" and found that, if you wanna get up-to date with cool podcasts, well... you had better not have any plans for the next few months. 


10. PRX Staff Favorites of 2013: The only reason this great list is low on the list of podcasts is because it's not technically a list of podcasts. It is a list of PRX 'pieces' (often episodes of podcasts). But it is so good that it can get on a list of lists of podcasts without actually being one. Also gets extra love because it includes a first-timer's (Conor Gillies) pilot episode.


9. The Verge's "You Should Be Listening To All These Podcasts": There are 60... We should be listening to all of them? Browse this list and you'll be hard pressed to argue, though. Points deducted for naming some of their own podcasts. But nice list in six distinct categories.


8. Huffington Post Canada: This one might be a little dated but HuffPo(Ca) didn't do another for 2014 and this is a solid list and easy to share and navigate so it makes it to the number 8 spot.


7. Yahoo New's "The best podcasts you aren't listening to but should be": It's not known how Yahoo has so much info about your specific listening habits. But this list is great (kind of a narrative list with links embedded in the text). It is of particular interest because of its follow up companion list, number...


6. Yahoo New's "The best podcasts you aren't listening to, according to your favorite podcasters": Note that this one does not insist that you 'should be.' Maybe podcasters are just more practiced than Yahoo at politely requesting a listeners ears. Anyway, this list has some big names in podcasting giving shout-outs to their favs.


5. Buzzfeed's "21 Podcasts For Every Personality": What would a list of lists be without a turn from the reigning Queen of listicles herself? Buzzfeed's user-friendly list is slick, instantaneously gratifying, demographically targeted and has big, pretty pictures.


4. Transom's "Woman Hosted Podcasts": This is the most unique list on the list. The thoughtful compilation of podcasts from woman is large and diverse.


3. Onion AV Club's "The best podcasts of 2013": You gotta believe it if it's written in The Onion. And this list is nice because it includes many that are not on the other lists.


2. 99% Invisible's FAQ "What are your favorite podcasts?": A nice big, straightforward list of great podcasts with no editorializing. And it comes from a podcast that is on almost all the lists on this list. If you can handle how meta that gets, definitely check it out.


1. The Guardian's "The 10 best lesser-known podcasts": The most recent of the lists. Attempts to dig a little deeper with a nod to the amount of great work yet to be uncovered on the podcast landscape.


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Listen to Nuclear Proliferation

This is not new but I want to include it based on it's elegant use of audio to paint a striking picture.



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