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added july 4, 2011

Frogs of a Different Nature

Week-in, week-out, Moncrieff on Newstalk from Dublin features engaging stories – all told in live interviews. No editing, all real-time, over three hours each weekday. This Highlights podcast features the story of a book written by a ten year old girl to explain to her classmates what it's like to have cystic fibrosis. You might never have heard accents like them, but these two fathers talking to each other may well still move you. 


Playtime: 13 minutes 6 seconds

added june 30, 2011

Beerly Coherent

Beerly Coherent 10: Hof ten Dormaal Donker (mp3)

Hmm Beeer. Andrew and Bob loooove beer. But Bob is in Brooklyn, and Andrew is in Brussels. Both Americans who, did I mention, love beer, they won't let the Atlantic Ocean come between them. In this episode of their Beerly Coherent podcast, the connoisseurs taste and review a Dormaal Donker.  

Caution: contains the words/phrases "geez", "crap", "Oh my god" and "spewing".


Playtime: 4 minutes 59 seconds

added june 28, 2011

Energizer Flickering LED Candle Lights Review

Energizer LED Candle Review by beschizza

The Energizer Flickering LED Candle Lights moved Boingboing reviewer Rob Beschizza so much he could express his feelings only through audio. His feelings are clear…


Playtime: 1 minute 58 seconds


Technology, Design, Bad News

added june 25, 2011

Yamamoto's Waves

East London + former local power station = arts space, inevitably. The artistic creation on display in this particular one is breathtaking, in a gentle, philosophical way as captured in this piece. The space is dark and engrossing, as you'll hear. Adding to the paradoxes is the knowledge that the designer of the physical artwork is fashion designer Yohi Yamamoto. More information on the producer's page, here.


Playtime: 9 minutes 29 seconds


Art, Sound Rich

Forest to Desert

Forest to Desert by Sarah Boothroyd

Forest to Desert is described best by the producer Sarah Boothroyd: 'An audio doodle about this phrase: "Humankind is preceded by forest, and followed by desert."' Great use of natural, found and sampled sound, composed together to clearly follow that brief. Produced for and featured in the Third Coast Festival's Short Docs Radio Ephemera Challenge in 2008.


Playtime: 2 minutes 35 seconds

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