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added august 16, 2011

Blues for Checkpoint Charlie

On the 50th anniversary of the Berlin Wall dividing East from West, a human account of the cold war's symbolic "line drawn in the sand."


Playtime: 54 minutes


Sound Rich, History

added august 7, 2011

Audio Vérité of a Real Canadian

Facing the potential damage to Canada's international reputation after hockey riots in Vancouver, the CBC followed a typical Canadian for a day and produced this owl-on-the-wall documentary to reveal just how mild-mannered they really are.

No they didn't, this is a comedy sketch. But they have been producing a light-hearted look at the Strange Animal that is the human being. The series questions why we swear/laugh/lack willpower and more. All the programmes, and that sketch, are avaialble to listen in full on their website.



Science, Genetic

added july 30, 2011

Living with Hypochondria

Why do some people insist on more than their fair share of healthcare? Karen Brown explores the real cost of imagined illness.


Playtime: 26 minutes 55 seconds

added july 12, 2011

The "Wetbacks"

Immigrants flowing across the U.S. border is nothing new. This doc from 1954 is a nostalgic eye-opener to a nearly century-old issue.



added july 6, 2011

Everyone loves StoryCorps

Latest tracks by Together Liberia

Trailers… portable booths… studios that don't look typical for public radio… and fantastic radio. StoryCorps is such a treasure that the recordings get sent to the Library of Congress. The idea has travelled not just across the US but across the world – the BBC  says they want a British version, and the Together Liberia project brings us this selection. 


Playtime: 2 minutes 40 seconds


Multimedia, Interesting

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