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added september 13, 2011

added september 6, 2011

A Hitchhikers Guide Generational Split

Unanswered Questions Of Life, The Universe And Everything by Soundrich

A testament to the enduring importance of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Producer Katherine Buse discovered that while the plot to the Hitchhiker's Guide has remained the same, different generations disagree on its message. More student work from the Duke Center for Documentary Studies Summer Workshop.


Playtime: 7 minutes 8 seconds


Surreal Sound

Can an audio experience be akin to a Dali painting? You be the judge, as New York conceptualist Vito Acconci takes you on a dreamy journey.


Playtime: 44 minutes 55 seconds


Sound Rich

added august 28, 2011

Generous Mountain

GenerousMountain by Soundrich

Join the climb all the way up and back down Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro. Beyond the scenery, the human story is the porters: paid servants' wages for a priceless job, they remained cheerful and tireless throughout. This piece, by producer Will Rogers, is the first in a series of featured work from the Duke Center for Documentary Studies 2011 summer workshop, with thanks to program director John Biewen.


Playtime: 11 minutes 13 seconds


Sound Rich, Interesting

added august 24, 2011

On a roof in Tripoli

LPC #Tripoli: woman who climbed to the roof to help spot snipers. Very moving ending. (mp3)

As fighting continues in Libya, a woman goes onto the roof of her building in Tripoli. She spots snipers. She talks about fear, and what's happening around her. Gripping.


Playtime: 8 minutes 48 seconds
Date: August, 2011


History, Violence, Politics

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