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added december 7, 2011

Pearl Harbor News on the Radio

Radio Days' collection of the news breaking on various radio stations. In one, the operator seizes the phone line during a live broadcast from Honolulu (which the announcer pronounces HOE-nah-lu-lu).


added december 6, 2011

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added november 23, 2011

Me, my boyfriend, his girlfriend and his mum

It's a new world of complex relationships in this cutting edge piece from down under. Winner of Australian Broadcasting's "My Tribe" audio competition. Producer Robbie McEwan was a student at the time, and now produces radio and video documentaries in Australia and New Zealand.


Playtime: 10 minutes 30 seconds


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added november 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Sean Cole

One of American public radio's most distinct voices has a landmark birthday today – so in the week he made his Radiolab debut, we dig out an item he made noting the reactions of people above thirty to a certain signature tune. It's Sean Cole – Darth Vader Impersonator Impersonator.


Playtime: 10 minutes 43 seconds



added november 15, 2011

Contemporary Wax Cylinder Recordings

Phonographies Archive by phonographies

Wax Equations is a gem from Resonance FM in London. Aleks Kolkowski uses some of the oldest recording technology, wax cylinders, to make new recordings of speech and music and crazy stuff today. He presents programmes of them on Resonance FM in London. These aren't available to listen to on-demand, so you can dive into the livestream for a serendipituous earfull of the programme, or you can admire the individual recordings and photos of their production on his own website, phonographies



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