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added december 27, 2011

Less Swedish, Please!

SR c is an outlet for experimental and creative radio, nestled in the heart of Sweden's public radio broadcaster, which is called Swedish Radio. The main site has an enormous amount of content, but also a link in the top left that asks for "Less Swedish, please!", which opens this new page – other languages, including English, Non-verbal, and, of course, Sound Carpets. There's much to enjoy here. Dive in. 


added december 19, 2011

InExhibition [Explicit]


In the category of things you will never hear on NPR, Donnell Alexander submits this brave and personal piece:

Formerly an editorial staffer at publications such as ESPN The Magazineand LA Weekly, Donnell Alexander is based on the West Coast. He has contributed to  McSweeney's and David Eggers called his book, Ghetto Celebrity,  “An indispensable book.” His adult-themed InExhibition debuted late last winter, live, as part of The Porchlight Storytelling series. InExhibition "begins with a cheap thrill in the dark back corner of a burlesque show, then meanders around The Great West Coast."

He lends this piece to





added december 16, 2011

RIP Christopher Hitchens

The indomitable contrarian Christopher Hitchens said "This profane marriage between tawdry media hype and medieval superstition gave birth to an icon which few have since had the poor taste to question," about MOTHER TERESA.  About his own cancer: "All of the cheer-up stories I'm afraid have made me an esophageal cancer snob."

Hitchens died yesterday at 62. Here is last year's All Things Considered interview.



Politics, Interview, Death, Bad News

added december 13, 2011

North Korean Radio in English

Via Shortwaveology these incredible recordings of English broadcasts from behind the North Korean information blackout.



Radio, Asia

added december 8, 2011

Last Lennon Interview

December 5, 1980, John Lennon did a radio interview for RKO. It aired three days later, hours before he he was shot and killed outside the Dakota. Here are excerpts from what is said to be Lennon's last interview.


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