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added january 7, 2012

AD Hearts AF

After three years of linking in the wilderness, has company! We would like to offer a full-throated endorsement to the new audio curating site, Audiofiles. In case you haven't seen it (or read about it), Audiofiles is similar in concept to in that it is an independant site that curates links to radio and audio pieces available free online (you'll even see a number of things AD has featured on there). It doesn't feature any original content like AD and perhaps tends more toward main-stream American public radio ala NPR. Audiofiles, however, adds crowd-sourcing via Twitter integration so that the curating spigot is turned to 11. It also allows users to save links by signing in with Twitter. It's a cool twist on the idea of audio links curating and we hope everyone will check it out!


Interactive Documentary: Pine Point

From the Canadian National Film Board and included on the Association of Independants in Radio's (AIR) list of top transmedia projects of 2011, Pine Point is hard to catagorize -- video, photos, sound, text, both temopral and not... It is interactive documentary.


added december 30, 2011

John Cage Audio on UbuWeb

From UbuWeb, a great collection of John Cage audio.



Music, History

David Foster Wallace Doc From BBC

BBC does not make this available but after scouring the Net, we found a link. Rick Moody Featured. Check it out.


added december 27, 2011

Death At Christmas

Winter's Rest by eprosser

"It's just what I do: it's who I am" says Dr Stuart Hamilton in the mortury. Christmas is a busy time at work for him. 

Winter's Rest is a excerpt from The D-Word, by London producer Ed Prosser, about death – in this case at Christmas. It's rather pretty. 


Playtime: 2 minutes 24 seconds

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