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added march 2, 2012

Clearing The Killing Fields

An Irishman rejects a conventional life to save lives and limbs in the most mined country in the world.


Playtime: 39 minutes 8 seconds


Death, History, Asia

added february 1, 2012

Alice Springs is Drowning in Alcohol

Why does a small town in the heart of Australia's outback have that nation's highest rate of alcohol-related death? Tragic for hundreds of families, though tavern owners and undertakers aren't complaining.




added january 22, 2012

Life and Death of Arissat-1 by Reni Hofmüller

Ham radio operators can build satellites, that can get thrown into orbit from the International Space Station. This item from Radia is more than a factual narration from NASA, it's a building of tension and wonder, a tie between humans on the ground and somehere out there.


Playtime: 28 minutes 30 seconds


Sound Rich, Science, Radio

added january 12, 2012

Don't Go Far, Dinner's Ready

Two pre-teens in Dublin take off on a lark that ends up in a trans-Atlantic adventure.


Playtime: 38 minutes 46 seconds


Sound Rich, New York

added january 7, 2012

AD Hearts AF

After three years of linking in the wilderness, has company! We would like to offer a full-throated endorsement to the new audio curating site, Audiofiles. In case you haven't seen it (or read about it), Audiofiles is similar in concept to in that it is an independant site that curates links to radio and audio pieces available free online (you'll even see a number of things AD has featured on there). It doesn't feature any original content like AD and perhaps tends more toward main-stream American public radio ala NPR. Audiofiles, however, adds crowd-sourcing via Twitter integration so that the curating spigot is turned to 11. It also allows users to save links by signing in with Twitter. It's a cool twist on the idea of audio links curating and we hope everyone will check it out!


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