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added december 30, 2011

John Cage Audio on UbuWeb

From UbuWeb, a great collection of John Cage audio.



Music, History

David Foster Wallace Doc From BBC

BBC does not make this available but after scouring the Net, we found a link. Rick Moody Featured. Check it out.


added december 27, 2011

Death At Christmas

Winter's Rest by eprosser

"It's just what I do: it's who I am" says Dr Stuart Hamilton in the mortury. Christmas is a busy time at work for him. 

Winter's Rest is a excerpt from The D-Word, by London producer Ed Prosser, about death – in this case at Christmas. It's rather pretty. 


Playtime: 2 minutes 24 seconds

Less Swedish, Please!

SR c is an outlet for experimental and creative radio, nestled in the heart of Sweden's public radio broadcaster, which is called Swedish Radio. The main site has an enormous amount of content, but also a link in the top left that asks for "Less Swedish, please!", which opens this new page – other languages, including English, Non-verbal, and, of course, Sound Carpets. There's much to enjoy here. Dive in. 


added december 19, 2011

InExhibition [Explicit]


In the category of things you will never hear on NPR, Donnell Alexander submits this brave and personal piece:

Formerly an editorial staffer at publications such as ESPN The Magazineand LA Weekly, Donnell Alexander is based on the West Coast. He has contributed to  McSweeney's and David Eggers called his book, Ghetto Celebrity,  “An indispensable book.” His adult-themed InExhibition debuted late last winter, live, as part of The Porchlight Storytelling series. InExhibition "begins with a cheap thrill in the dark back corner of a burlesque show, then meanders around The Great West Coast."

He lends this piece to





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