about audiodocumentary.org

Audiodocumentary.org was started with the idea that there is a ton of great audio and radio available for free online. And wouldn't it be nice if there was a site that somehow brought together - or provided a guide to - all that great stuff?

Millions of people enjoy radio and audio stories. But a lot of folks don't realize just how much is out there beyond what they might catch on the car radio during the morning commute (AD you can actually listen to AFTER the morning commute - while you are sitting at your desk pretending to work). This site attempts a sort of curatorial effort - a way to make it easier for radio/audio fans to discover new stuff.

AD operates from an inclusive and expansive notion of what is considered audio documentary. It could be traditional long-form documentary, it could be a unique news story, it could be an audio slide show or a song about a llama. As long as audio is the central medium (or it is something ABOUT audio), it is fair game for Audiodocumentary.org.

The site is not intended to be authoritative or comprehensive. Rather, we hope it will be a portal to as much quality audio as possible. We hope that users will come to recognize and enjoy a reliable style or character in the site - that people will know they can find a certain type of audio here. It's not enough to say that we look for things that are unique, thought provoking and engaging. But that begins to hint at a quality we seek in audio - a quality that is probably best understood by spending some time on the site.

The site is run/updated/edited (with help) by Brooklyn-based audio producer/reporter David Maxon. While David enjoys listening to lots of audio documentary, he can't listen to everything and so counts on other audio fans and AD users to alert him to things that they discover. The site is, admittedly, a pretty subjective endeavor. But hopefully that subjectivity is bridged somewhat by fans of the site who help choose what goes up. So, please stay in touch.

AD also sometimes features original, exclusive content. So if you are an audio producer with a piece that you'd like us to consider for the site, please contact us.