Using Creative Audio to Fight Spam

An app called Robokiller is trolling spam calls by keeping them on the phone! Have a listen.



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via @gothamist: Freelance Spys are Publishing Your Conversations

A clever if cynical critique of public apathy in the face of pervasive U.S government surveillance, We Are Always Listening secretly places recording devices in public places around New York City to record the conversations of unassuming New Yorkers. It then publishes them on their website. Yep.

Watch what you say New York. They are always listening...


WBUR David Foster Wallace Interview From 1996 Unearthed

Also, scroll down to the bottom for a fascinating first-hand account of DFW in rehab with the folks upon whom Infinite Jest's characters were based.


Casey Kasem Blooper Reel

Shocking, funny Casey Kasem outtakes. Lots of profanity.




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